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mod_md - Everybody Spies

Copyright 2017 greenbytes GmbH

This repository contains mod_md, a module for Apache httpd that adds support for Let's Encrypt (and other ACME CAs).

This code here is to help people review and comment and test before I bring it into the main Apache httpd repository. Issues you can raise here, general discussion is probably best at the httpd dev mailing list.


Look on the wiki for directions on how to use mod_md.


NEW: the Apache2 PPA for ubuntu by @oerdnj, see here, has a patched mod_ssl just as mod_md needs it! Thanks! So, in such a server you just need to drop mod_md from here.

v0.4.0: I have tested that version on ubuntu 14.04 with the PPA from @oerdnj on my live server against the read Let's Encrypt service. The first green lock in the browser, managed by mod_md. We're getting close!

What you find here are early experience versions for people who like living on the edge and want to help me test not yet released changes.

This is not checkout, configure and shoot. For it to work, you need a patched mod_ssl (patch is provided in directory patches), but that is about the only complication.

Also: this is not production ready, yet. There is an ever expanding test suite included against a local boulder server, using the excellent pytest. Also, thanks to Jacob Champion, we have unit tests available when check is installed.

Test Status

Tests have been verfied to run on MacOS and Ubuntu 16.04 under the following conditions:

  • the *SSL library you compile with supports SNI
  • curl is linked against this recent *SSL lib
  • your Apache httpd installation has a patched mod_ssl
  • you have a local boulder server installed and it resolved host names against your httpd (see below)

So, it's a bit tricky when your OS does not support features like SNI in its standard config.


See 2.4.x Installation on the wiki.

See ChangeLog for details.


Please see the file called LICENSE.


This work is supported by an Award from MOSS, the Mozillla Open Source Support project. Many thanks to these excellent people! You are awesome!

Test cases mostly written by my colleague @michael-koeller who made this to a good part really a test driven development. Thanks!

Münster, 04.08.2017

Stefan Eissing, greenbytes GmbH

Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification, are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright notice and this notice are preserved. This file is offered as-is, without warranty of any kind. See LICENSE for details.