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Click and Win

demo ->

About Click and Game

Click and Win is a kind of game. If user want to win the game, he/she have to click faster than enemy.

How to Play ?

You are two friends. One of you create room a special name (with some settings - range and speed). Other friend join the game with using room name.

Used Technologies

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Node.js(,Pug,Express)
  • Javascript - jQuery


-> Change Directory

cd /var/www

->Clone the repository

git clone .

-> Edit main.js

cd /public/javascripts/
nano main.js
  • On line 43 edit website adress

-> Install Packages

npm install

-> Install pm2 Package

npm install pm2 -g

-> Start App

cd /var/www
pm2 start app.js

issues to be solved soon

  • If room name is empty ,socket can't work.
  • click event on waiting your enemy , adding display none on title