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Centinel is a tool used to detect network interference and internet censorship.

Install and usage

$ sudo apt-get install python-pip libssl-dev swig python-dev libffi-dev tcpdump libcurl4-openssl-dev traceroute
$ sudo pip install -U pip
$ sudo pip install centinel
$ centinel
Fedora 23
$ sudo dnf install python-devel libcurl-devel openssl-devel swig libffi-devel tcpdump traceroute gcc redhat-rpm-config
$ sudo pip install -U pip

$ sudo su
$ pip install pycurl
$ exit

$ sudo pip install centinel
$ sudo pip install centinel
$ centinel
Latest development version
* git clone
# install dnspython, requests
* sudo python install
* python

Supported platforms

* Linux/OS X
* BISmark Routers
* Android