OS X Dashboard widget to display webpages. A better alternative to Web Clips.
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Pegged is a beautiful OS X Dashboard widget to display webpages. It is a much better alternative to the built-in Web Clip widget because:

  • there are no decorations to stand in your way
  • you can manually set the size of the widget
  • you can interact with the embedded website


Download and extract the archive then double click on Pegged.wdgt to install the widget. You can then add Pegged widgets to your Dashboard just like you would any other widget.


When you add a widget it will ask you for the URL of the website you wish to display. You can optionally change the widget size.

Known issues

These are basically limitations of Apple’s implementation of Dashboard Widgets which I have yet to find a way to work around:

  • Scrolling issues most websites. Scrolling works by dragging the scrollbar though. Elements with overflow: auto or overflow: scroll scroll fine.
  • Links that should open in a blank page do not work.