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Clojure Cookbook Contribution Hub

We're building a book, and we want your help!

Clojure Cookbook is set to be O'Reilly's next book in the Cookbook Series. The book will detail a large number of Clojure recipes – pairs of problems and solutions – covering a wide number of common topics.


The goal behind the Clojure Cookbook is to build the best cookbook we can. We plan to do this by leveraging the breadth of experience across the entire community. We hope the rest of the community will rise to the occasion and contribute their best Clojure recipes.

Every author of an accepted contribution will receive a free digital copy of the book and abundant credit in the book. Authors of five or more recipes will receive a signed physical copy of the book (and major kudos!) Write a whole chapter and we might have to see if we can get your name on the cover 😉.

No contribution is too small. We welcome anything from typo fixes or ideas for recipes all the way to complete recipes and anything in between. You can find more information on how to contribute in our document.

Trusted Contributors

The following users are trusted contributors (push access) that have proven themselves through excellent judgement and outstanding contributions to the book. We support and strongly encourage these users to make corrections and improvements to the book at will (recipes aside.)

  • @jcromartie

Who we are

We are Luke Vanderhart (@levand) and Ryan Neufeld (@rkneufeld), developers, authors, conference speakers and (at the moment), teachers. For this book-building adventure we will be your guides; we'll be collecting and editing your contributions, interfacing with the publisher (O'Reilly) and writing a solid chunk of the book ourselves.


Creative Commons License
This draft of Clojure Cookbook is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Please see the contribution guide for how this works for accepting pull requests.

Also, please note that because this is a No Derivatives license, you may not use this repository as a basis for creating your own book based on this one. Technically speaking, this book is open source in the "free as in beer" sense, rather than "free as in speech."

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