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Clojure library for validating XML documents according to XSD schemas
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A fork of the xml-validation library, created by rkday.

A Clojure library designed to wrap the Java libraries for XML schema validation. create-validation-fn takes a schema, and returns a function that takes an XML string and returns true (if the string is valid according to the schema) or false.

Improves on the original implementation of this library by:

  • Accept the schema to validate against using anything that the StreamSource constructor can handle (e.g an InputStream, Reader, File etc.) + URL
  • Returns a ValidationResult object, that encloses the validation errors


Clojars Project


(require '[clj-xml-validation.core :as xmlv])
(def is-valid-xml? (xmlv/create-validation-fn ( "example.xsd")))

(xmlv/valid? (is-valid-xml? "<foo><bar/></foo>"))
;; => true or false

(xmlv/errors (is-valid-xml? "<foo><bar/></foo>"))
;; => vector of {}'s - for example:
;; {:message "cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 'heading'. One of '{from}' is expected."
;;  :line-number 1
;;  :column-number 50
;;  :source "...SNIP..."}

;; Validating malformed xml throws an exception
(is-valid-xml? "<foo><bar/>")
;; => throws clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo


lein do clean, test, install


Forked by Brendan Bates - ICM Consulting

Original Copyright © 2013 Rob Day

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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