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Gimmer - Background check #51

ryanprice opened this issue Jan 24, 2018 · 2 comments

Gimmer - Background check #51

ryanprice opened this issue Jan 24, 2018 · 2 comments


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ryanprice commented Jan 24, 2018

Gimmer (GMR)

Automated Crypto-trading bot platform


  • Philipe Comini (Co-founder & CEO) - Dec 2016 - Present | Linkedin profile
  • Pérsio Flexa (Co-founder & CTO) - Dec 2016 - Present | Linkedin profile
  • Paul Lindsell (COO) - Jun 2017 - Present | Linkedin profile
  • Arrykrishna Mootoovaloo (Data scientist) - Jan 2018 - Present | Linkedin profile shows that he currently is a PhD Student at Imperial College London
  • Lucas Assis (Full stack Developer & Crypto Trader) - Sep 2017 - Present | Linkedin profile
  • William Xavier (Full stack Developer & Crypto Trader) - Jul 2017 - Present | Linkedin profile
  • Joao Mascarin (Commercial Director Europe) - Mar 2017 - Present | Linkedin profile
  • Masaichi Hasegawa (Commercial Director Asia ) - Sep 2017 - Present | Linkedin profile
  • Michel Comini (Marketing Director ) - 2017 - Present | Linkedin profile
  • Olga Rusakova (Head of PR - Russia) - Jan 2018 - Present | Linkedin profile
  • Rok Gorjan (Bounty & Community Manager) - Jan 2018 - Present | Linkedin profile
  • Evgheny Turvinenko (Head of ICO Strategy - Russia) - Jan 2018 - Present | Linkedin profile
  • Benjamin Vitáris (Journalist) - Sep 2017 - Present | Linkedin profile
  • Joao Guilherme Mascarin (UX Researcher) - Mar 2017 - Present | Linkedin profile
  • Beatriz Marques (Community Manager) - Nov 2017 - Present | Linkedin profile



P3 Limited

Company address:
Suite 23
Portland House
Glacis Road
Gibraltar GX11 1AA

Company Number: 116362
REID Number: GICO.116362-6


  • Philipe Comini
  • Persio Flexa
  • Paul Lindesell

Smart contract






Product question



  • Team and advisors tokens not coded in the smart contract.
  • Team tokens vest over 3.5 years
  • Vesting schedule for advisors tokens depends on their role.

Additional info

  • US investors can't participate

Token distribution

  • 45% Gimmer’s Advisers
  • 45% Business reserves
  • 10% Core Team

Source: WP page 18

Token allocation

  • 45% Development & Operations
  • 35% Marketing & Acquistion
  • 15% Founders & Team
  • 5% Legal & Compliance

Source: WP page 20


gimmer-q a


The Co-founder was completely transparent during the due diligence process


Real Team:
Smart Contract:
Working Product: ❌ Demo available
+2 yr Vesting for team: ❌ Vesting not codified
Vesting for Advisors: ❌ Vesting not codified
Have a company:


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Morning Friends. Admin I wanna ask some question.
1, GMR tokens inside the Bot will be used as a main currency (i need to change Alt to GMR to trade, or I can trade alts directly?)?
2. Will GMR be used as a platform token to reduce Fees (like in Binance for example)?
3. Are there any bonuses for vesting (holding) GMR tokens (for example monthly +%?)
With the GMR tokens you can rent trading bots (or using a free bot is an option too). The bots will use your funds (You have to have funds/currency on your exchange. Gimmer doesn't touch your funds directly or hold your funds) across the exchanges using API keys. Fees for bots can be changed from time to time (if the price per GMR will change a lot), but GMR will be the only paying method, so not really like BNB is used on Binance. There is no vesting bonus, but in my opinion, holding GMR would turn out to be rewardinf nevertheless.

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Do you plan to allocate GMR on Exchanges? Can you provide a list of Exchanges you plan to use?
So far Gimmer bots can cover Bitfinex, Bittrex and Poloniex. There are more to come
GMR itself will be tradeable on exchanges too. From March 1st GMR will be on EtherDelta and IDEX, also more to come eventually

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