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This is the dotfiles repository used inside Extrema Sistemas. It's a mixture from multiple sources (in its current edition, most notably Paul Irish), and super focused on development on Ubuntu. The shell by default will be bash, because real life hits hard when you are trying to use zsh.


  • Fork this repository (or clone straight into your local machine). I would recommend to put it into ~/.dotfiles
  • Run This will symlink everything from ./dotfiles into the home folder
  • Read and memorize the git and bash shortcuts
  • Go into the apps folder and start installing your selection of tools

Once the installation is complete you should add a ~/.gitconfig.local file with your user account information:

        name = Nacho Coloma
        email =

Start reading

You should start with .functions, .aliases and .gitconfig. Good stuff.

~/.extra will contain anything that you don't want to commit back to the git repo.

If you decide to install fasd (you should!) it pays off to read the one-page documentation.

What is included here

  • A lot of bash and git configuration
  • some handy aliases for everyday tasks, like launching a web server on the command line, or getting the public IP of this machine on the Internet
  • Dev environment for JavaScript (npm), Python (pip) and Java (gradle)
  • The Google Cloud Platform SDK
  • Some installation scripts for tools that I consider important for day-to-day development, like gimp, inkscape or terminator.

I hope you find it useful too.


This is not what you are looking for:

sudo apt install git git-gui gitk
git clone .dotfiles
cd .dotfiles
cd apps
for i in */; do $i; done