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ICON Common Package for Python
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ICON Commons

ICON Commons is a utility project which is used for running T-Bears and ICON Service. this project provides configuration data setting and log setting.

Building source code

First, clone this project. Then go to the project folder and create a user environment and run build script.

$ virtualenv -p python3 venv  # Create a virtual environment.
$ source venv/bin/activate    # Enter the virtual environment.
(venv)$ ./            # run build script
(venv)$ ls dist/              # check result wheel file


This chapter will explain how to install ICON Commons on your T-Bears or ICON Service.


ICON Commons development and execution requires following environments.

  • OS: MacOS, Linux
    • Windows are not supported yet.
  • Python
    • Make Virtual Env for Python 3.6.5+ (recommended version, 3.7 is not supported)
    • check your python version
      $ python3 -V
    • IDE: Pycharm is recommended.

Setup on MacOS / Linux

# Install the ICON Commons
$ pip install iconcommons



This project follows the Apache 2.0 License. Please refer to LICENSE for details.

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