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SkyBlue CMS version 2.0 is the second generation of the SkyBlueCanvas lightweight CMS. Before downloading this code, be sure you understand the following:
- The code is not quite finished and is not ready for production web sites.
- You will need substantial PHP and debugging skills to get the code working.
- It does work, but the set-up requires advanced PHP skills
- You will also need decent command-line and Linux skills
- Support from the developer will be minimal due to time constraints but I will make an effort to help serious developers who want to contribute to the project
It is important to note that the root of the SkyBlue code is not the web root. For security, the web root is /skyblue/webroot/. If currently points to /var/www/html/, the htaccess.txt file, when modifed per the instructions below, should redirect requests to to /var/www/html/skyblue/webroot/. This is done so the majority of the executable PHP files are outside the web path. Follow the instructions below to get started.
- Download SkyBlue to your web server.
- Unzip/untar the download into your web server root. For instance, on Linux this will probably be something like /var/www/html. Place the un-compressed SkyBlue source code folder in this directory.
- Open htaccess.txt in a text editor
- Search/replace with your web URL
- Save the file to .htaccess
- Once you have SkyBlue up and running, log into the admin by going to The default login credentials are:
username: admin
password: admin
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