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Flagrant System Error Blog

These are the files for a minimal blog used for my site flagrantsystemerror.

The blog is a static site generated using metalsmith.


MultiMarkdown and node.js/npm must already be installed. On macOS, run the following to download the necessary dependencies required for the blog.

brew install multimarkdown
npm install


To generate the blog, use node blog.js in the root directory, which will invoke metalsmith and generate the files in the site directory.

There are posts and pages. Posts are what appear on the blog, and pages are separate content from the blog itself, but are likely referenced from individual posts (see My C++ Coding Guidelines for an example).

Posts go into the src/posts directory and pages go into... wait for it... the src/pages directory.

I use Markdown to author the posts and generate the html with MultiMarkdown. I use MultiMarkdown Composer to author the posts, and MultiMarkdown generates the same HTML as MultiMarkdown Composer does (since they were both written by the same person).

The HTML generated does not contain the full document, but just the snippet of the document, which is then inserted into a Mustache template (kept in src/templates).


The files specific to this site are licensed under the Unlicense. Otherwise, all components are licensed as indicated by their respective owners.