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You should do a Mario analogy! — Frances

RoboED is a FRC robot control library that uses a pipeline pattern to model the flow of data. Sensors and controllers produce data which flows through a pipeline system and eventually gets consumed by actuators and whatever other data consumers might exist.

Can you go more in-depth about the data model?


How do I use this?


Can I get some API documentation?

Most of the library code is commented, so your IDE should be able to provide documentation where needed. Real API docs will be coming soon(?).

What's up with the name?

When I started writing this library, I was thinking something along the lines of "you know what would be really cool? Event-driven robots". Halfway through developing Robo-Event-Driven, however, I realized how bad of an idea it was and scrapped it. Later, when I came up with an actually reasonable model for robot control, I just built it on the skeleton of a project left from RoboED and kept the name.