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This is a Murpi model of the TSO-CC lazy cache coherence protocol and the TSO-LB
operational approximation of the TSO memory model.

(Copyright Christopher J. Banks and Marco Elver, University of Edinburgh.)

Running the model in Murphi verifies that TSO-CC adheres to the TSO-LB memory
model, for a fixed cache size, but for an unbounded number of processors.

To compile the model cmurphi version 5.4.9 is required. (Other Murphi versions
may work, but are untested by the authors.)

To compile and run, first set the MURPHIPATH variable in the Makefile, then run

$ make
$ TSO-CC -tv -m13000

Note that at least 13GB of RAM will be required to run the model with its
default settings.
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