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.NET Decompiler with support for PDB generation, ReadyToRun, Metadata (&more) - cross-platform!
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BuildTools Fix update-assemblyinfo.ps1 for worktrees Nov 16, 2019
ICSharpCode.Decompiler.Console Update clients to preview2 Jan 8, 2020
ICSharpCode.Decompiler.PdbProvider.Cecil Fix #1676: Add pdb support to powershell and command-line frontends Dec 10, 2019
ICSharpCode.Decompiler.PowerShell Update clients to preview2 Jan 8, 2020
ICSharpCode.Decompiler.Tests Fix #1906: RRs for default expressions of primitive types should use … Jan 15, 2020
ICSharpCode.Decompiler Add Debug Metadata Explorer Jan 26, 2020
ILSpy-tests @ aa8f119 Update ILSpy-tests Jul 30, 2019
ILSpy.AddIn VS addin missing dependencies (datagridextensions, *r2r feature) Dec 31, 2019
ILSpy.BamlDecompiler.Tests Switch to net472, of note: Sep 2, 2019
ILSpy.BamlDecompiler Fix build Dec 31, 2019
ILSpy.Package Back to neutral for package, Any CPU for build Sep 9, 2019
ILSpy.ReadyToRun Display ReadyToRun header information Jan 22, 2020
ILSpy.Tests Adjust async-streams decompiler for dotnet/roslyn#39436 Nov 10, 2019
ILSpy Fix bug in LocalConstantEntry Jan 26, 2020
SharpTreeView commiting -> committing Oct 13, 2019
TestPlugin Fix TestPlugin/CustomOptionPage Dec 10, 2019
doc AvalonEdit is no longer LGPL. Ties in with #1904 Jan 9, 2020
.editorconfig Add YAML settings to editorconfig. Must use spaces Jun 4, 2019
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.gitignore Exclude wapproj generated directories Jun 5, 2019
.gitmodules Remove AD submodule. Nov 17, 2019
.tgitconfig Add tgit.icon project config Apr 6, 2014
DecompilerNuGetDemos.workbook Update clients to preview2 Jan 8, 2020
Frontends.sln Try switching .Decompiler.Console on Release(NuGet)/Debug(ProjectRef)… Oct 2, 2019
ILSpy.WithPackage.sln Fix #1890: Add ILSpy.ReadyToRun.csproj to ILSpy.WithPackage.sln Jan 2, 2020
ILSpy.sln Introducing ILSpy.ReadyToRun Dec 21, 2019
NuGet.config Created a ILCompiler.Reflection.ReadyToRun nuget package and hosted i… Dec 23, 2019 Move notices to appropriate files, change hyperlinks in AboutPage Jan 1, 2020
appveyor.yml Merge branch '5.0.x' of Sep 27, 2019
azure-pipelines.yml Work on #1824 Dec 6, 2019
clean.bat #1598: Fix .bat files to use VS2019. Aug 5, 2019
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global.json Work on #1824 Dec 6, 2019
releasebuild.bat Run nuget restore in the .bat files Dec 4, 2019

ILSpy Join the chat at NuGet Build status Twitter Follow ILSpy VS extension Build Status

ILSpy is the open-source .NET assembly browser and decompiler.

Download: latest release | latest CI build (master) | Microsoft Store (RC & RTM versions only)

CI Build Nuget Feed (master):

Decompiler Frontends

Aside from the WPF UI ILSpy (downloadable via Releases, see also plugins), the following other frontends are available:


  • Decompilation to C#
  • Whole-project decompilation (csproj, not sln!)
  • Search for types/methods/properties (substring)
  • Hyperlink-based type/method/property navigation
  • Base/Derived types navigation, history
  • BAML to XAML decompiler
  • Extensible via plugins (MEF)
  • Check out the language support status


ILSpy is distributed under the MIT License. Please see the About doc for details, as well as third party notices for included open-source libraries.

How to build


  • Install Visual Studio (documented version: 16.4) with the following components:
    • Workload ".NET Desktop Development". This includes by default .NET Framework 4.8 SDK and the .NET Framework 4.7.2 targeting pack, as well as the .NET Core 3.1 SDK (ILSpy.csproj targets .NET 4.7.2, and ILSpy.sln uses SDK-style projects).
    • Workload "Visual Studio extension development" (ILSpy.sln contains a VS extension project)
    • Individual Component "MSVC v142 - VS 2019 C++ x64/x86 build tools (v14.23)" (or similar)
      • The VC++ toolset is optional; if present it is used for editbin.exe to modify the stack size used by ILSpy.exe from 1MB to 16MB, because the decompiler makes heavy use of recursion, where small stack sizes lead to problems in very complex methods.
  • Check out the ILSpy repository using git.
  • Execute git submodule update --init --recursive to download the ILSpy-Tests submodule (used by some test cases).
  • Open ILSpy.sln in Visual Studio.
    • NuGet package restore will automatically download further dependencies
    • Run project "ILSpy" for the ILSpy UI
    • Use the Visual Studio "Test Explorer" to see/run the tests

Note: Visual Studio 16.3 and later include a version of the .NET Core SDK that is managed by the Visual Studio installer - once you update, it may get upgraded too. Please note that ILSpy is only compatible with the .NET Core 3.1 SDK and Visual Studio will refuse to load some projects in the solution (and unit tests will fail). If this problem occurs, please manually install the .NET Core 3.1 SDK from here.

Unix / Mac:

  • Make sure .NET Core 2.1 LTS Runtime is installed (you can get it here:
  • Make sure .NET Core 3.1 SDK is installed.
  • Check out the repository using git.
  • Execute git submodule update --init --recursive to download the ILSpy-Tests submodule (used by some test cases).
  • Use dotnet build Frontends.sln to build the non-Windows flavors of ILSpy (.NET Core Global Tool and PowerShell Core).

How to contribute

Current and past contributors.

Privacy Policy for ILSpy

ILSpy does not collect any personally identifiable information, nor does it send user files to 3rd party services. ILSpy does not use any APM (Application Performance Management) service to collect telemetry or metrics.

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