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// Copyright (c) AlphaSierraPapa for the SharpDevelop Team (for details please see \doc\copyright.txt)
// This code is distributed under the GNU LGPL (for details please see \doc\license.txt)
using System;
using ICSharpCode.NRefactory;
using ICSharpCode.NRefactory.CSharp;
using ICSharpCode.ILSpy.AvalonEdit;
using Mono.Cecil;
namespace ICSharpCode.ILSpy.Bookmarks
public abstract class MarkerBookmark : BookmarkBase
public MarkerBookmark(MemberReference member, TextLocation location) : base(member, location)
public ITextMarker Marker { get; set; }
public abstract ITextMarker CreateMarker(ITextMarkerService markerService, int offset, int length);
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