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ILSpy Command Line Arguments
Command line arguments can be either options or file names.
If an argument is a file name, the file will be opened as assembly and added to the current assembly list.
Available options:
/singleInstance If ILSpy is already running, activates the existing instance
and passes command line arguments to that instance.
This is the default value if /list is not used.
/separate Start up a separate ILSpy instance even if it is already running.
/noActivate Do not activate the existing ILSpy instance. This option has no effect
if a new ILSpy instance is being started.
/list:listname Specifies the name of the assembly list that is loaded initially.
When this option is not specified, ILSpy loads the previously opened list.
Specify "/list" (without value) to open the default list.
When this option is used, ILSpy will activate an existing instance
only if it uses the same list as specified.
[Note: Assembly Lists are not yet implemented]
/clearList Clears the assembly list before loading the specified assemblies.
[Note: Assembly Lists are not yet implemented]
/navigateTo:tag Navigates to the member specified by the given ID string.
The member is searched for only in the assemblies specified on the command line.
Example: 'ILSpy ILSpy.exe /navigateTo:T:ICSharpCode.ILSpy.CommandLineArguments'
The syntax of ID strings is described in appendix A of the C# language specification.
/language:name Selects the specified language.
Example: 'ILSpy /language:C#' or 'ILSpy /language:IL'
WM_COPYDATA (SendMessage API):
ILSpy can be controlled by other programs that send a WM_COPYDATA message to its main window.
The message data must be an Unicode (UTF-16) string starting with "ILSpy:\r\n".
All lines except the first ("ILSpy:") in that string are handled as command-line arguments.
There must be exactly one argument per line.
That is, by sending this message:
The target ILSpy instance will open C:\Assembly.dll and navigate to the specified type.
ILSpy will return TRUE (1) if it handles the message, and FALSE (0) otherwise.
The /separate option will be ignored; WM_COPYDATA will never start up a new instance.
The /noActivate option has no effect, sending WM_COPYDATA will never activate the window.
Instead, the calling process should use SetForegroundWindow().
If you use /list with WM_COPYDATA, you need to specify /singleInstance as well, otherwise
ILSpy will not handle the message if it has opened a different assembly list.