Incorrect decompilation of VB.NET properties with parameters. #339

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Viorel commented May 16, 2012

VB.NET allows properties with parameters. The next ‘Field’ is a property that takes one ‘index’ parameter:

Public Class Class1

    Public ReadOnly Property Field( index As Integer ) As String
            Return "MyTest" + index
        End Get
    End Property

End Class

The decompiled code looks incorrect in both of VB and C# languages.

In case of VB the decompiled code of the property is:

Public ReadOnly Property Field() As String
        Return"MyTest" + Conversions.ToString(index)
    End Get
End Property

You can see that ‘index’ does not appear as a parameter, which is incorrect.

In case of C#:

public string Field
        return "MyTest" + Conversions.ToString(index);

Here the property was decompiled as a simple one that is allowed in C# and ‘index’ is undefined. Not sure how it should be decompiled correctly in C#.

The issue also occurs when the property has a setter.

But the decompiled code seems to look good if the property is declared ‘Default’, i.e. becomes “indexer”.

Observed in ILSpy version
See also Issue #108.

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