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ILSpy Plugins

ILSpy will load any *.Plugin.dll files in the directory containing ILSpy.exe. MEF is used to allow plugins to extend the ILSpy functionality. Take a look at the "TestPlugin" in the ILSpy source code download to see how it works.

Plugin Gallery

This is a list of plugins contributed by ILSpy users:
Description Version Author Compiled Against Binary Source
Alphabetical Assembly Sort - Case-insensitive assembly sorting Michael Bone link link
Alphabetical Assembly Sort - Case-insensitive, SxS assembly sorting Michael Bone and Jordan Pickwell link link
Assembly Visualizer - type hierarchies, assembly dependencies and member interactions visualization Denis Markelov link link
Copy fully qualified type name to clipboard Donatas Maciunas link link
Reflexil is an assembly editor 2.0 Sebastien Lebreton 2.3 link link
AssemblyWatcher - a plugin which reloads assemblies when they change 0.0.1-alpha Raminder Singh link link

Feel free to edit this page to add your own plugin.