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Filter by entity

You can filter results by entity type:

  • Types and Members (short: tm)
  • Type (short: t)
  • Member (short: m)
  • Method (short: md)
  • Field (short: f)
  • Property (short: p)
  • Event (short: e)
  • Constant (short: c)
  • Resource (short: r)

You can either select the desired filter from the drop-down on the right, or by using the short-code in the text box, for ex.: t:Button will find all types with the string 'Button' in their name.

Regular expressions

Search strings enclosed in / are interpreted as regular expressions. ILSpy uses .NET regular expression syntax. Short-codes and regular expressions can be combined. For ex.: t:/Button$/ will find all types that end in the word 'Button'.