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Translation User eXperience Next Generation (TUX ng)
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Resource-First Translations

RFT is the next generation Translation User eXperience built upon the insights of the SharpDevelop project. It has the following goals:

  • Code-First: Developers live in the IDE and work directly with resource files. Source control is the source of truth for resources.
  • Multi-Branch: Translations come and go with features being added, modified or removed. Translators should never duplicate work.
  • Multi-File: Complex software doesn't ship with a single resource file only. Slice your application into modules and still get the benefits of translating only once.
  • Sync: Automatically get the latest resource file checkins to the translators, and the finished translations to the developers or the build servers.

Live demo:

Translator credentials: translator, translator
Administrator credentials: admin, administrator

Certain operations are disallowed in the demo (eg creating new users, resetting a password)

Videos / Screencasts

Administration Area Translators demo


Please see the wiki



Written by Andreas Lillich (frontend) and Christoph Wille (backend). The specification was co-written by Daniel Grunwald, Siegfried Pammer and Christoph Wille.


July 28th, 2014

  • RFT is in production use for SharpDevelop

May 19th, go-live on Github

  • A first non-production test version of RFT

April 6th, 2014

Andreas joins in to create the SPA frontend applications

Feb 25th, 2014

Start coding as a proof of concept to see if this can be pulled off

SharpDevelop Developer Days 2013

Daniel, Siegfried and Christoph sat down and created a specification

Years ago...

We had been talking about replacing the existing application for ages.

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