API changes from 4.x to 5.0

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For a description of the major architecture changes, see blog post.

This wiki page contains a list with some commonly-used types, and where they were moved in SharpDevelop 5. This table is highly incomplete. If you are having trouble with the new API in SD 5.0, feel free to ask questions in the forum.

4.x 5.0
IClass ITypeDefinition (in ICSharpCode.NRefactory.TypeSystem)
ICommand System.Windows.Input.ICommand
ICompilationUnit IUnresolvedFile (in ICSharpCode.NRefactory.TypeSystem)
IDocument moved to ICSharpCode.NRefactory.Editor
IReturnType ITypeReference (unresolved) or IType (resolved)
ITextBuffer ITextSource (in ICSharpCode.NRefactory.Editor)
ITextEditorProvider Use viewContent.GetService<ITextEditor>() instead
Location ICSharpCode.NRefactory.TextLocation
Solution ISolution (in ICSharpCode.SharpDevelop.Project)
TextLocation moved to ICSharpCode.NRefactory

List of changed paths in AddInTree (possibly incomplete):

4.x 5.0
/Workspace/Autostart /SharpDevelop/Autostart
/Workspace/Tools /SharpDevelop/Workbench/Tools
/Workspace/Parser /SharpDevelop/Parser
/SharpDevelop/BackendBindings/Templates path now contains TemplateBase instances (use <TemplateFile> instead of <Directory>)
/SharpDevelop/ViewContent/TextEditor/EntityContextMenu /SharpDevelop/EntityContextMenu