ASP.NET Support

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What features developers need:

(based on mail from David Alpert, sharp develop community forums & my personal thoughts){BR}

  • Designer for HTML (XHTML and other standards); no reformatting of source code
  • Designer for ASP.NET (server-side controls)(see the wiki page here.)
  • Projects based on directory (both VS project formats should be supported)
  • Code completion for, javascript and css
  • Integration code behind with aspx - controls variables & stuff
  • good error reporting
  • files that haven't been updated to not to be deployed/published all the time
  • DLL's not to be uploaded unless they have been recompiled
  • based on .net 2.0 ftp support
  • GUI for managing site definitions or FTP connection information (server, username, password, & remote directory). (project-independent & those saved in project solution)
  • accessing files from 'project explorer' like window (double click downloads a file and opens it)
  • auto upload to ftp on save
  • downloading/uploading files through drag & drop
  • more than one connection open at the same time
  • local start iis & open page (via right click - 'view page')
  • publish release build to ftp

forum threads:

(Needs some posts to become complete...)

people interested in contributing:

additional references: