Eusebiu Marcu

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Contributor since: September 2010
Contacts: Email: marcueusebiu(at)
XMPP: marcueusebiu(at)
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Languages: Romanian (native language), English

SharpDevelop work:

  • conversion of debugger pads to WPF (Bookmarks/Breakpoints/Locals/Watch pads)
  • enhancements to debugger service and UI (Edit values in debugger tooltip, break at first line, etc.)
  • Parallel Stacks Pad
  • Pinned data tips
  • ASP.NET/IIS (all local versions IIS5,6,7 and IIS Express) debug support
  • Spell checker (based on NHunspell)
  • Presenting metadata for referenced types (obsolete - replaced by ILSpy)
  • Debug third party assemblies (use of ILSpy decompiler & debugger) - based on ILSpy debugger plugin

ILSpy work:

  • search control
  • debugger
  • icon bar margin

Wish list:

For more information on my work on SharpDevelop and ILSpy projects, see my SD blog