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All complex applications have their own vocabulary, SharpDevelop is no exception! This new terminology can be confusing to people who are new to a project. This glossary attempts to describe the key vocabulary of SharpDevelop.

  • Add-in - (aka. plugin, component) The add-in is the basic building block of the SharpDevelop component model. An addin is defined by an .addin XML definition file, and typically one (or more) Assemblies.
  • AddInTree - The add-in tree is created by SharpDevelop from all the add-ins it finds during startup.
  • Codon - A codon is an individual "contribution" by an addin. Codons are created from the XML tags found in the <Path> sections of an .addin file. (e.g. <MenuItem> nodes are instances of a codon)
  • Doozer - A doozer is a factory class for creating objects instances (of a given type or set of related types) for a given codon instance. For example the MenuItemDoozer knows how to create Windows.Forms.MenuItems from the data in any given Codon instance.