How To Set Up Git

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Install msysgit from (I used Git-

Installation Options:

  • Select Components: You should disable the Windows Explorer integration, we'll use TortoiseGit instead
  • PATH: "Run Git from Windows Command Prompt"
  • Line endings: "Checkout Windows-style, commit Unix-style"

Then install TortoiseGit from (I used TortoiseGit

When asked about Putty vs OpenSSH, please make sure you choose OpenSSH. github only accepts OpenSSH keys; when using Putty you'd have to convert your public key.

Now you'll have to set some options:

  • Right-click in explorer, TortoiseGit > Settings
  • Pick the Git > Config page.
  • Here, put in your name and email
  • Make sure "AutoCrlf" is selected (it should be if you installed according to the steps above)
  • Press OK to save the options.

Now you need to create an SSH key (if you already have one, I assume you know SSH and can figure out yourself how to reuse that)

  • Start "git bash" (msysgit installed this into the start menu)
  • Run the following command to generate an OpenSSH key: ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""

  • Press Enter to accept the default location to store the key.

  • Press Enter two more times to create a key without passphrase (alternatively, read

  • Now find your public key file (, ssh-keygen will tell you where it was saved to) and open it in a text editor.

  • Then open your github account settings ( and click "Add another public key".
  • Copy the contents of the file into the "Key" textbox. (you can leave the "Title" empty)
  • Verify that you picked your public key (*.pub file extension) and aren't accidentally uploading your private key.
  • Then click "Add key" to add the key to your account.

Finally, let's clone the repository:

  • Use Right click > Git Clone in Windows Explorer.
  • As source URL, use "" (this is the read+write URL for committers).
  • You'll have to press "Yes" to accept github's SSH fingerprint (it should be the same as mentioned on your github account page)
  • Press OK.
  • Once the download finishes, you'll have a working copy where you can start developing.
  • If the download fails with a "Permission to icsharpcode/SharpDevelop denied to USER" error, that's likely because your github account does not have commit access. Please mail your account name to Daniel or Christoph. If you are not a SharpDevelop contributor, use the download URL for read-only access.