Installing SharpDevelop

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SharpDevelop integrates with a suite of free development tools for added productivity. In this section, we'll help you choose the tools you want to install to personalize your installation.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP SP2 or later Windows XP SP2 or later
Processor 600 MHz 1 GHz
RAM 192 MB 256 MB
Hard Drive Space 1.3 GB 2 GB

Note: These requirements refer to SharpDevelop alone. Not the .Net Framework or optional developer tools.

Installing the .Net Framework

SharpDevelop was created using the .Net Framework. At a minimum, you will need to install the Framework, but we recommend you install the software development kit (SDK) as well. The SDK assists in creating, managing, and debugging .Net applications. Some integrated SharpDevelop features require the SDK to be installed: for example, generating a strong key for signing .Net assemblies.

Installing SharpDevelop

The next step is to install SharpDevelop itself. Two different versions of SharpDevelop are maintained at the present moment: the official stable release and the future version still under development. The development version has the latest features, but isn't fully tested. Unless you plan to contribute to the development of SharpDevelop, you'll probably want to stick with the official release.

Installing Optional Features

The following features are optional, but are fully or partially integrated into SharpDevelop.

Version Control

Version control allows you to track changes you or other developers make to code. SharpDevelop integrates with TortoiseSVN to provide version control.

Code Analysis

FxCop analyzes your code and provides suggestions to make it more readable and to follow standard practices recommended by Microsoft.

Style Analysis

StyleCop analyzes your code and ensure it maintains a consistent appearance in terms of indentation, spacing, and variable naming.

Assembly Analysis

Reflector can inspect and decompile .Net assemblies.

Unit Testing