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'''NOTE: All features listed below are just ideas! They might change or some of them might not even find their way into future releases of SharpDevelop.'''

High priority

Features listed here are most important to me and will be finished as soon as possible.

SharpDevelop 4.x (Mirador)

  • General

    • Ensure compatibility to .NET 4.0 CLR
  • PQL improvements (see PQL section)

  • Timeline

    • Allow splitting timeline into multiple views (e. g. one for each thread or one for a group of threads)

Medium priority

SharpDevelop 4.x (Mirador)

  • General

    • Allow profiling of apps using mixed CLRs (2.0 and 4.0)
  • Allow grouping of profiled methods into categories (e. g. WPF, System, "data processing", ...)

  • Add performance counters (per process or per thread)

  • improved search, filtering and new charts for better presentation

Low priority

All features on this list will be implemented, after all high priority work is done.

SharpDevelop 4.x (Mirador)

  • New Features
    • Add notes and annotations to profiling sessions
    • Allow adding notes and annotations to parts of the timeline(s)

Profiler Query Language

  • PQL v1.1 (SharpDevelop 4.x)
    • Extend PQL capabilities (Views and Categories)
    • PQL code completion and editing improvements
    • PQL performance improvements (optimized LINQ implementation LINQ-to-Profiler)

Wish list

If you want to suggest a great new feature, please add it here.

  • Compare two profiler runs (ie baseline vs changes)
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