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The SharpDevelop "Montferrer" (3.0) version is based on Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. Development started on 22nd December 2006.

What's already in there

Integration builds are available on our build server. These represent work in progress and might break.


Areas we expect problems

Areas we need to rewrite SharpDevelop:

Areas for improvement:

  • Debugger
  • Add formatting options for NRefactory-generated code.
  • REMOVED Database Tools (see Dickon's blog - help welcome)
    • What about using the Databaseengine "MyMeta.dll" of MyGeneration? It *** is open Source, *** has a database-ddl-dom, *** has drivers vor many different database-systems/uml/xml (oledb, oracle, sqllite, uml, ... *** can persist its ddl-dom to/from xml
  • Context-dependant code completion: determine the type an expression in a certain context needs to have. Can be used to improve code-completion in many cases; is required for code-completion on implicitly typed lambda expressions

New features:

  • REMOVED Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) designer integration
  • Windows Presentation Foundation / XAML support
  • Class Designer (please see Itai's blog - he is also looking for help)
  • PowerShell (PS) templates / maybe PS integration
  • C# 3.0 (LINQ) code completion support
  • Refactoring Support (most important: "Extract Method", "Introduce Variable", "Move class to namespace" and "Change method signature"), infrastructure for adding more refactorings as SharpDevelop AddIns

Feature changes:

  • NAnt support will be removed (happened in rev 2192:2193)
  • NDoc support will be removed, to be replaced with support for Sandcastle (happened in rev 2658, SHFB)
  • NCover (code coverage) will be replaced (happened in rev 2744, replaced with PartCover)

Nice to have ("wish list" - not assigned, but would be great if contributed):

  • Profiling support (Siegfried is working on this for SharpDevelop 3.1)
  • Unit Tests: "Create unit tests" feature
  • "GAT-like" templating system see GAT


  • UI rewrite for SharpDevelop to move from Windows Forms to WPF. This is planned for later releases. However, prototyping such a WPF "frame" is very welcome in the Montferrer time frame.

Release Plans

  • Beta 1: 2/19/2008
  • Beta 2: 8/22/2008
  • Beta 3: 12/15/2008
  • Release candidate: 01/22/2009
  • 3.0.0: 02/10/2009
  • 3.1.0: 09/21/2009
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