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SharpDevelop "Mirador" (4.0) is based on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. Development started with a WPF frame prototype on 5th August 2008.

This page is team-maintained.

Release Plans

  • RTM: 6th January 2011
  • RC2: 19th December 2010
  • RC: 28th November 2010
  • Beta 4: 26th October 2010
  • Beta 3: 28th September 2010
  • Beta 2: 1st August 2010
  • Beta 1: 13th June 2010
  • Beta 1 Preview: 28th February 2010

Where to Download

Integration builds are available on our build server.



  • The frame (workbench) is using WPF instead of Windows Forms (started with rev:3295 in 3.0wpf branch)
  • Change Options dialog to allow WPF option panels (rev:3568)
  • New localization model for WPF (please see Go To dialog) (rev:3295 in 3.0wpf branch)
  • New functionality will be added with WPF, not Windows Forms
  • No new XmlForms, no modifications to existing XmlForms (instead rewrite in WPF)

Plans, Ideas:

  • Rewrite the text editor to be based on WPF, add more extensibility points (see AvalonEdit)
  • User-configurable shortcuts, shortcuts compatible with VS
  • WPF Designer
  • Usage Data Collector to be able to analyze where to invest future development resources
  • Support multiple selection in Project pad
  • Add Database Explorer / EDM Designer (Philipp Maihart)
  • Change the start page from Web browser control to WPF document (rev:3490)
  • Add Profiler (Siegfried Pammer) (already added in SharpDevelop 3.1)
  • Switch the tree-view based pads to WPF for ease of design (Project, Classes, Unit Tests)
    • Improvements to the tree-views likely won't happen in 4.0. Maybe in 4.1?

Feature changes:

  • Make IL backend binding a sample (rev:6345)
  • Make Component Inspector a sample (rev:6217)
  • Remove Options panel for editing syntax highlighting definitions (rev:3568)
  • Remove Compact Framework support (rev:6281)

Deferred / but initially planned:

  • Complete WF designer rewrite
  • Optional: new splash screen implementation more infos
    • Not required. Our current splash screen already comes up before WPF will be loaded.
  • Think Maintainability (in terms of our source code and quality tools to integrate)


  • Ribbon UI. The license for ribbons is not suitable for open source projects.
  • Everything WPF. Rewriting addins just because they use Windows Forms is not planned.

Process Changes

  • New Translation Web application (ASP.NET-based, Entity Framework, WCF, SQL Server 2008) TWAImplementationNotes
  • New pre-commit hook to check for adding / changing of .xfrm's and prohibit checkin (using CaptainHook framework)
  • Integration of Subversion repository with Gemini bug tracker (using CaptainHook framework)
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