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SharpDevelop "Zimnitz" (5.0). Development started on 26th of October 2010.

This page is team-maintained.

Release Plans

  • none

Where to Download

Integration builds are available on our build server.



  • Multi-select in the tree views in our projects and classes pads. These two could share quite a bit of code - for example the "References" node. This way we could also get rid of some UI inconsistencies (e.g. that references can be removed only in the projects pad). Or maybe we should combine the two pads into one, producing something like this:
  • We will replace NRefactory+SD.DOM with the new NRefactory, developed together with MonoDevelop. Currently it looks like Mike contributes the new C# AST and Daniel is writing the Type System + C# Resolver. VB support is maintained by Siegfried and located in ICSharpCode.NRefactory.VB (independent of the C# AST) currently it contains no VB Resolver only parser and AST.

Plans, Ideas:

  • T4 / ASP.NET MVC 3 (using IIS Express)
  • "Make it easy to get the project off to a good start by enabling developers to include best-of-breed open source solutions in the project" - NuGet
  • "Make it easy to develop MVVM WPF applications". This is a huge area (designer, tooling et cetera). Keeping an eye on having the designer modular so we can "branch out" into dev-centric designer and designer-centric designer (Blend), as well as at some point supporting Silverlight.
  • Basic code completion support for F#
  • NUnit integration - converted to an extension rather than being a custom NUnit-Console. Possibly move to a separate desktop application like TestDriven.NET to improve performance.
  • IronPython soft debugger.
  • IronPython/IronRuby refactoring.
  • IronRuby code completion.
  • At least one more supported database in the Database explorer

Feature changes:

  • none

Deferred / but initially planned:

  • none

Team-member specific ideas / plans


  • Rewritte debugger pads to WPF
  • x64 debugging support
  • Edit and Continue
  • Decompiler
  • XML parser and split-view for WPF designer - ie changes in code should be quickly presented in the designer and vice versa.


  • make VB's Code completion and Refactorings as powerful as C#'s
  • "bread-crumbs" for code navigation instead of two comboboxes at the top of the code editor.
  • change marker bar with VCS integration (was planned for 4 B3 but did not work as expected). See SD 4.1
  • Profiler:
    • fix all these ugly fatal bugs
    • comparison of profiling sessions
    • start porting it to CLR4



  • Support SQLite in the database explorer
  • Replace SD.Dom with new NRefactory
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