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Third Party AddIns

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The table lists the available third-party AddIns and the SharpDevelop versions they are available for. If you know a SharpDevelop AddIn that's missing from the list, please add an entry to this page!

AddIn name SD 4.0 SD 4.1/4.2/4.3 SD 5.0 alpha
RemoveUnusedRef Addin Yes Yes No
Mercurial AddIn Yes Yes No
AStyle AddIn No Yes (4.3 only) No
Coco/R Custom Tool Yes Yes No
ThemeTool AddIn Yes Yes Yes
SpecFlow AddIn No Yes (4.2 only) No
Windows Workflow 4 AddIn No Yes (4.3 only) No
XSD2Classes No Yes (4.2 only) No
KeyShortcutEditorAddin No Yes No

Meaning of "No", "Yes", "Broken":

No The AddIn is not available for this SharpDevelop version. It might be possible to port the AddIn to that SharpDevelop version. Ports from older to newer SharpDevelop versions should be easy, the other direction might be hard if the AddIn uses features not present in the previous SharpDevelop version.
Yes The AddIn works with that SharpDevelop version.
Broken The AddIn used to work with a previous build of that SharpDevelop version, but doesn't work anymore. Since the AddIns listed here are open-source, it is possible to fix the AddIn with a few minor changes (in some cases recompiling the AddIn is enough). We try to avoid breaking changes in released SharpDevelop versions, the AddIns that are listed as broken here were developed for early alpha/beta versions of the respective SharpDevelop version.
Built-in We contacted the AddIn author and agreed to make the AddIn part of the official SharpDevelop releases. This has the advantage for the AddIn author that we'll fix the AddIn when doing breaking changes to SharpDevelop.

Old AddIns (last compatible SharpDevelop version older than 4.0):

Eazfuscator.NET Addin

C# EntityClassBuilder

Code Annotations


To Do List Addin

Simian addin - Identify duplication in source code

Console addin

Nemerle language integration

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