Wish List

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Language support

  • Integration of C++/CLI
  • A# (Ada for .NET) Support http://asharp.martincarlisle.com/
  • Full Support for the "My"-Namespace (e. g. MySettings) VB 9.0 (LINQ)
  • Integration of ANSI C
  • Portable.NET Backend
  • VB6?

Editor enhancements

  • StyleCop compliant behavior
  • Goto definition (method or property reference context menu)
  • Goto definition (variable reference context menu)
  • Goto definition (type name context menu) in editor when local, in reflector when not.
  • AutoComplete feature (CTRL+Space) shows the entire list of APIs and Classes that your project references, and if you choose one that there's no import in this document (i.e. using Blablabla) it automatic includes the import (Eclipse like).
  • Automatically start code completion when typing - already implemented for C# in SharpDevelop 3, still missing for VB
  • Trigger automatic indentation when pasting code.
  • Spellchecker
  • VIM plugin or integration
  • emacs plugin or integration
  • Search for classes, properties, strings (partial or exact)
  • Customizable style options (fonts, colors, window layout, etc.)

Tool support

  • An UML Modelling Tool with Round Trip Engineering
  • SDE for Visual Studio .NET 2003 - The UML plugin for VS.NET 2003. http://www.visual-paradigm.com/sdevs.php
  • DbTools
    • DatabaseDesigner
    • DatabaseBrowser
    • Generic stored procedures support
    • TransformationsEditor (for OR-mapping between code and database)
    • What about using the Databaseengine "MyMeta.dll" of MyGeneration? It *** is open Source, *** has a database-ddl-dom, *** has drivers vor many different database-systems/uml/xml (oledb, oracle, sqllite, uml, ... *** can persist its ddl-dom to/from xml
  • .ico editor (integrate some available open source editor)
  • CodeMetrics - Help with the "BIG PICTURE" of an application:
    • Code Diagram: UML diagrams maintained synchronously with code text.
    • an idea for combining Code Graph and Class Diagram.
  • Integrated Bug Tracking
    • Easy, fast, ready-to-go bug/feature tracking for a single developer
    • Option to integrate with team-based bug tracker backends
    • Integration with SCM system (subversion etc.) to link bugs to SCM revisions
  • Support for deploying and debugging CF applications on mobile devices.
  • MsBee support: Compiling vs2005 projects against dotnet1.1 (see http://www.codeplex.com/Wiki/View.aspx?ProjectName=MSBee for details)
    • adding msbee includes to msbuild-script
    • calling build from sd
    • preventing formsdesigner from inserting dotnet1.1 incompatible api-calls
  • SourceMonitor support


  • DebuggerPlans

  • Support for deploying and debugging CF applications on mobile devices.

UI enhancements

  • Customization of all keyboard shortcuts. - Probably involves abstracting all actions to some kind of global list.

ASPNetSupport subproject

  • Support and integration of WebServices
  • Auto tag completion in HTML (end tags added automatically, etc...) like it is done in xml files.
  • Automatically close brackets and parenthesis in javascript like it is done in c#.
  • Most important is Web Services. Navigate to URL and auto-generate wrappers for web method calls in that web service. Save namespace and class name as web reference properties, so in case you like to change them from the generated default, you can update the web service wrapper class without having to edit that code file each time.

XAML support

  • Folding on all elements
  • Autocomplete for attached properties, dependency properties
  • Support for creating event handler in code from the xaml editor
  • Form preview

Other features

  • Automatic Updater to scan addins and check for updates at their reference sites
  • LSharp scripting support similar to the xacc IDE.
  • A start page with a flexible hierarchical listing of combines and projects, most likely (but not necessarily) corresponding to a Subversion or other version control repository. Optionally synchronized with the versioning system's repository structure (each version control extension could provide a codon to affect this start page). Should remember which nodes are expanded/collapsed. Nodes with associated combines or project folders should appear differently (different icon, color, etc.). If more than one combine or project file exists at that level, another choice (pop-up window with a selector, for example) should appear. Otherwise would be nice to click on the highlighted node to open that project or combine of projects.
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