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SharpDevelop Reports

SharpDevelop Reports (SDR) is the open source .NET reporting solution shipping with SharpDevelop. SDR supports Windows (WPF or Windows Forms) as well as Web (ASP.NET) applications thanks to its ability to use printers or output directly to PDF. Databases (not limited to SQL Server!) as well as object lists are supported as data sources.

If you are new to SharpDevelop Reports, then a good way to acquaint yourself is to check out the features, watch a few screen casts take a look at some screenshots of SDR action, take our feature tour and check out the Getting started guide.

For integrating SharpDevelop Reports into your application, make sure to check out our documentation, which contains an index to the samples that ship with the source distribution of SDR.

Developers interested in what's up for the next releases or in need for the most current source code, we have created an area on this site called project workspace. There you will find items like the roadmap as well as a list of contributors.

More: Forum - Download - - License

Latest News

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