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SharpDevelop 3.2 timeframe

Planned features:

  • Samples using IList
  • Change from PdfSharp to iTextSharp
  • Fully support ASP.NET medium trust
  • ASP.NET samples
  • Implement TableControl
    • Grouping
    • Calculated values
  • Formula parser (use StringPaser as well)
    • UI
  • Enhance unit test coverage
  • More functions as needed (re-enable functions)
  • UI usability - Designer-support for gridlines with snap functionality
  • Standard data binding support
    • Support for generic data bound controls
    • Chart control integration like NPlot
  • XPS export

SharpDevelop "Mirador" 4.0 timeframe

  • Switch to Data AddIn (already used by EDM designer)

Beyond "Mirador" timeframe

  • ...

Development will happen in a separate feature branch and be reverse integrated into whatever version is current by then.

Unsorted Wish List

  • Support for subreports
  • Switch to DbExplorer (drop SharpQuery)
  • LOB sample applications
  • OLAP support (MDX)
  • Support for watermarks
  • Formula parser - Load formula assemblies
  • HTML export
  • UI usability - Wizard redesign
  • UI usability - Designer-support for gridlines with snap functionality
  • Report Designer - Lock controls
  • Report Desginer - Group controls
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