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@echo "mkDistribution v1.4"
if exist current (
rmdir /s /q current
mkdir current
REM mkdir current\netcf-10
REM nant -t:netcf-1.0 -D:build.output.dir=current\netcf-10 build
mkdir current\netcf-20
nant -t:netcf-2.0 -D:build.output.dir=current\netcf-20 build
mkdir current\net-11
nant -t:net-1.1 -D:build.output.dir=current\net-11 build
mkdir current\net-20
nant -t:net-2.0 -D:build.output.dir=current\net-20 build
@rem Version 1.8 of Sandcastle Help File Builder no longer includes the Console.exe, use the GUI instead
"c:\Program Files\EWSoftware\Sandcastle Help File Builder\SandcastleBuilderConsole.exe" .\SharpZipLib.shfb
mkdir current\doc
copy doc\readme.rtf current\doc
copy doc\Changes.txt current\doc
copy doc\Copying.txt current\doc
copy SharpZipLib.chm current\doc
copy installGAC.bat current
copy uninstallGAC.bat current
samples\cs\bin\sz -rc current\ current\*.dll
@echo TODO Compress source to
@echo TODO Build Bin Zip files
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