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Release 1.2

nils måsén edited this page Aug 11, 2019 · 3 revisions


  • ZipEntry name mismatch when attempting to delete a directory entry (#295)
  • Revert ArraySegment simplification to speed up CRC32 calculation (#301)
  • Allow AES Zip to better handle reading partial stream data (#308)
  • Always write Zip64 extra size fields when size is -1 (too big for non-Zip64) (#314)
  • Throw exception when attempting to read a zero code length symbol (#316)
    • This should fix most issues where reading Zip-files get stuck in an infinite loop
  • ZipOutputStream.CloseEntry() now works for Stored AES encrypted entries (#323)
  • Empty string is now treated as no RootPath in TarArchive (#336)
  • ZipAESStream now handle reads of less data than the AES block size (#331)
  • Flushing a GZipOutputStream now attempts to deflate all input data before writing it to the underlying stream (#225)
  • StrongEncryption flag is no longer (incorrectly) set for WinzipAES encrypted entries (#329)
  • Attempting to read 0 bytes from a GZipInputStream no longer causes it to hang indefinitely (#372)


  • HostSystem can now be set for Zipfiles, allowing creation of files targeting Linux filesystems (#325)
  • The SharpZip custom Exception types now implements ISerializable (#369)
    • This allows them to be transmitted when using WCF


  • ZipFile constructor now has a leaveOpen parameter (#302)
  • FastZip.ExtractZip now sets isStreamOwner in the ZipFile constructor (#311)
  • ZipFile now always tries to find the Zip64 central directory and prefers it if exists (#363)
    • This will allow for better compatibility with other archivers.
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