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Version 1.0


  • Re-license to MIT license
  • Generate documentation on API
  • Update wiki & FAQ


  • .NET4 Project/Binary
  • Solution configured for VS2015 and built against .NET 4.5
  • Build & Release NuGet package
  • Utilize Travis and AppVeyor for Continuous Integration


  • Rework so CF/WINCE can use encryption again
  • Remove all legacy .NET 1.1 and .NET Compact Framework code
  • Better examples particularly in memory zip handling plus cleaning up buffer use in current samples
  • VB Samples are particularly sad at the moment.


  • Complete Unicode handling of filenames


  • Update tests to use NUnit 3.2
  • Check all tests for proper verification (are we building the test right?) and validation (are we building the right test?)

Version 1.1

  • SFX for zip files (There is already a working sample)
  • LZW decompression
  • LZMA compression (7Zip)
  • LZO compression
  • PPMD support (WinZIP PPMD)

Version 2.0

  • Complete refactoring of encryption code for Zip files
  • Extend AES decryption to ZipInputStream
  • Deflate64

Off the wall things to consider

  • Add LINQ support
  • Multi-threaded compression.
  • 7Z support

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