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ILSpy Visual Studio Code Extension Join the chat at CI Twitter Follow

You can install the extension in Visual Studio Code via the marketplace

Getting started

Please see the Getting started overview.


If you have issues during installation of .NET Runtime, please see here.


The extension consists of two parts: The VSCode extension itself (written in TypeScript) and a "backend" server process (written in C#), which provides a bridge to ILSpy functionality.

If first time

npm i @vscode/vsce -g

Compile and package all parts:

./build vsix

An installable .vsix file should be generated in artifacts folder, if everything is fine.

Compile only backend server from console:

./build backend

Or open backend/ILSpy-server.sln in Visual Studio 2019 (>= 16.9) or another .NET IDE.

Compile VSCode extension itself:

./build compile-extension
./build test-extension

To develop and debug the VSCode extension, install Visual Studio Code, then run

cd vscode-extension
code .