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This project hosts the implementation of the controller of AimDroid. The internal name of the controller is monidroid


  1. Install golang.
    1. Mac OS: brew install go
  2. Create the workspace for go following The following is a list of simplified steps.
    1. Create the default go workspace at $HOME/go/.
    2. Setup env variable GOPATH: export GOPATH=$HOME/go
    3. Create the default go source code folder at $HOME/go/src.
  3. Change directory to $HOME/go/src and clone the source code of Monidroid:
    1. git clone monidroid.
    2. The folder name must be monidroid.
  4. Change directory to $HOME/go/src/monidroid and run go build.
  5. You will see an executable tool named monidroid at $HOME/go/src/monidroid/


Here is a sample of configuration file.


Here is the explanation of each option.

  1. PackageName: the app name of the app under test.
  2. MainActivity: the entry activity of the app.
  3. SDKPath: the path to the Android SDK
    • We need to run the command adb to communicate with the phone.
  4. Epsilon, Alpha, Gamma: the parameters for the reinforcement learning module. See the paper for more details.
  5. MaxSeqLen, MinSeqLen: the length of actions in a single activity. See the paper for more details.
  6. Time: the total testing time in seconds.


AimDroid was first evaluated on real table devices. We have encountered problems of invoking su -c on the emulator. Apply the following patch if you want to build a version for emulator.

cd $HOME/go/src/monidroid
find . -name "*.go" -exec sed -i "s/su -c//" {} \;