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A Piwigo plugin that allows users to modify pictures they uploaded
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Important announcement (2014-Feb-25)

See CONTRIBUTING for details.


icy_picture_modify -- Piwigo plugin that allows user to modify pictures


A piwigo extension that allows users to edit any set of images. This extension just works as the picture_modify.php for administrator.

The code of this plugin is based on the original source picture_modify.php of the Piwigo distribution (version 2.2.3.)

Advanced ACL is supported since the version 1.2.0.


Normal users in Piwigo system can delete image or modify image's metadata (author, date, tags, description, date, linking/represented categories.) They can upload some images to some categories.

Advanced ACL allows users to work with any set of images / categories. The newest verion of plugin allows you to work with groups in Piwigo, and allows user to update new version of the image (inspired from the plugin photo update.)

This plugin can work on Piwigo 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x and 2.5.x.

Since version 2.4.4, the plugin can save user's action into log file. By default, the log file is _data/icy_action.log. This file can't be changed.


  • Install and enable this plugin
  • Install and enable the plugin community if you want some users to upload images to your gallery
    • If the plugin community is installed but it isn't activated, most functions of the plugin icy_picture_modify is still available but user won't be able to upload images to gallery
    • You don't need to configure any thing in the plugin community that's because all settings for community will be overwritten by icy_picture_modify. However, the UI of that plugin is still available in case you want to moderate some pending photos.
  • If you have installed the plugin photo_update you can disable and/or uninstall that plugin because a similar function is supported in this plugin icy_picture_modify.


  • Create and edit ACL file in local/config/icy_acl.zml in your Piwigo installation.
    • Examples can be found in doc/*.sample*
    • The syntax is described in the document doc/ Please make sure that you read some important notes in this document.
    • You don't have to modify any settings for the plugin community Moverover, any settings of the plugin community will be ignored.
  • If you are using a development version of the plugin, please clean up the obsolete files (See OBSOLETE FILES below.)

Known problems

  • No international support for Piwigo 2.5.x (See CHANGELOG for details)
  • No webUI for ACL editting
  • If an image is replaced by a new version (using plugin Photo update) the new version is owned by administrator, not the current user. Hence the image may not be editable anymore. You should not use that plugin to update image. You can use the setting replace_image_of in this plugin's configuration instead.
  • This plugin doesn't support all known templates. If you are using stripped or stripped-galleria, you may follow the instructions in this forum post
  • User can delete an image which is associated to some albums to which the user doesn't have permission to write/access. This is true as the plugin only checks owner of the image
  • Images uploaded via Digikam Plugin will be in pending mode
  • When user creates new sub-album, their list of visible albums may be expanded and contain all albums on the Piwigo system. This is a problem with session data, and will be fixed immediately after the page is reloaded.

Security issues

  • All versions from 2.1.0 to 2.4.0 have a security issue that may break your ACL settings, and that allows any user in Piwigo system to edit any images in the system. This problem is fixed in the version 2.4.1. Please upgrade to this version or apply the patch file /patches/IPM-SA-2013-08-14.patch found in the source tree.
  • The guest account should have the identity guest. If you change guest account name, you need to explicitly update setting for this account.
  • The plugin won't check for user input from icy_acl.zml, so you may trick your site by some SQL injection. Yes, if you really want to trick your site.
  • Don't use any group name as any username or vice versa. That would make your configuration confused and some settings may have side-effects that are out of your control.


To get support, please create new issue at


The plugin requires a webUI for ACL editting. Unfortunately, the author isn't good at template system used by Piwigo. Feel free to help us to write a webUI :)


My paypal account was locked due to Paypal's stupid policy. I can't receive any kind of donation. However, you can always rate my plugin at the link , and if possible please send a greeting message to me ;)


The author's information

  • Real name: Anh K. Huỳnh
  • Email: kyanh at theslinux dot org
  • Nickname on Piwigo's forum: icy


Special thanks to

  • plg (Piwigo forum)
  • delakut (Piwigo forum)
  • IGraham (Piwigo forum)
  • Kalle (Piwigo forum) IPM-SA-2013-08-13
  • Flop25 (flop25 at gmail dot com)
  • werdnahman (Piwigo forum) Windows CR/LF bug




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