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!bug: Windows CR/LF will break the parser

Due to strict regular expression the ZAML parser, and the $
does not match any linefeed, the author name is ignored,
and that is why any new setting will go to :default section.

We can fix this by change the regexp, or simplify :rtrim
the input $line. The 2nd way is much simpler, right?
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1 parent c4797c9 commit 3c90e2fc8d3bf1e4de4bbd39b0aad1a52fcc963e @icy committed Aug 30, 2013
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@@ -395,6 +395,7 @@ function icy_zml_parser($data) {
foreach($data as $line) {
+ $line = rtrim($line);
if (preg_match('/^([^[:space:]:]+):$/', $line, $gs)) {
$author = trim($gs[1]);

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