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ACL sample: Add an example of invalid reference

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commit 84e96e366b4320b85128cd5498a56299a556fab3 1 parent 3c90e2f
@icy authored
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  1. +5 −0 doc/icy_acl.zml.sample
5 doc/icy_acl.zml.sample
@@ -58,6 +58,11 @@ Authors:
upload_image_to: 56, 46, sub
edit_image_of: Friends
+# An example of invalid reference (reference doesn't exist)
+# The setting 'edit_image_of: any' *MUST NOT* be used by @Authors
+Someone: @non-existent-people
+ edit_image_of: any
# Even if the user 'example_user3' doesn't belong to group 'Friends',
# you can use reference to load all settings from that group
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