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A Piwigo plugin that allows users to modify pictures they uploaded
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icy_picture_modify -- Allow user to modify any pictures


A piwigo extension that allows users to edit any set of images. This extension just works as the picture_modify.php for administrator.

The code of this plugin is based on the original source picture_modify.php of the Piwigo distribution (version 2.2.3.)

Advanced ACL is supported since version 1.2.0.


Normal users in Piwigo system can delete image or modify image's metadata (author, date, tags, description, date, linking/represented categories.) They can upload some images to some categories.

Advanced ACL allows users to work with any set of images / categories. The newest verion of plugin allows you to work with groups in Piwigo, and allow user to update new version of the image (inspired from the plugin photo_update)

This plugin can work on Piwigo 2.2.x, 2.3.x and 2.4.x.


  • Install and enable this plugin and the plugin community
  • Create and edit ACL file in local/config/icy_acl.zml in your Piwigo installation.
    • A sample file can be found in doc/icy_acl.zml.sample
    • The syntax is described in the document doc/ Please make sure that you read some important notes in this document.
    • You don't have to modify any settings for the plugin community Moverover, any settings of the plugin community will be ignored.
  • If you are using a development version of the plugin, please clean up the obsolete files (See OBSOLETE FILES below.)


The following files are obsolsete. They need to be ported to new format and/or to be removed

  • local/config/icy_acl.php: need to be ported to local/config/icy_acl.zml. After your old ACL settings are ported to new format, you can safely delete this file;
  • _data/icy.log: if you are using icy_picture_modify version 2.0.0 or higher, you can safely remove this file.


  • No webUI for ACL editting
  • If an image is replaced by a new version (using plugin Photo update) the new version is owned by administrator, not the current user. Hence the image may not be editable anymore.
  • This plugin doesn't support all known templates. If you are using stripped or stripped-galleria, you may follow the instructions in this forum post
  • User can delete an image which is associated to some albums to which the user doesn't have permission to write/access. This is true as the plugin only checks owner of the image.
  • Images uploaded via Digikam Plugin will be in pending mode


To get support, please create new issue at


The plugin requires a webUI for ACL editting. Unfortunately, the author isn't good at template system used by Piwigo. Feel free to help us to write a webUI :)


My paypal account was locked due to Paypal's stupid policy. I can't receive any kind of donation.


The author's information


Special thanks to

  • plg (Piwigo forum)
  • delakut (Piwigo forum)
  • IGraham (Piwigo forum)




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