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Step 0: Get this Repo
mkdir /data
cd /data
git clone
Step 1: Prereqs
First you need to have all the prereqs installed. If you're on a CentOS / RHEL environment you can do the following:
cd bin/setup/server
cd ..
If not, then you'll need to tear apart those scripts and do what they do.
Step 2: Start Storage
You need to start up you MySQL server and memcached. Memcached is as easy as:
memcached -d
MySQL will depend on the system and how you installed it.
Step 3: Config Files
You'll need to create lacuna.conf, nginx.conf, and log4perl.conf
in your Lacuna-Server/etc folder. Templates exist in the etc
Step 4: Initialize Database
Log into mysql and create a database:
mysql -uroot -pyourrootpassword
create database lacuna;
grant all privileges on lacuna.* to lacuna@localhost identified by 'somepassword';
flush privileges;
cd bin/setup
Step 5: Start The Server
To start the lacuna server just type:
cd bin
Now in another terminal you can start issuing commands to the server.
Step 6: Missions (optional)
If you want to be able to do anything with missions, you'll need to check out the Lacuna-Mission repository into
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