Simulation of a fish tank
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Simulation of a fish tank

Fish Tank Simulator Introduction The purpose of this exercise is to design a simulator for a fish tank. The simulator can be run by a human operator who can populate the fish tank with various kinds of creatures, add food, and change aspects of the environment such as temperature. The main focus of this exercise is to model the classes and objects that are involved, expressing their properties and relationships; other aspects such as the user interface and the application packaging are not important.

Description The simulator has the following properties:

  • there is only one fish tank
  • the user can add fish, snails and fish food
  • living fish and snails both eat fish foodp
  • piranha fish may also eat other fish
  • clockwork fish do not eat anything
  • clockwork fish do not breathe; other fish and snails do
  • fish swim at different depths:
  • piranha fish and clockwork fish swim at all depths
  • sun fish swim at the top
  • diver fish swim at the bottom
  • the user can vary the temperature of the fish tank
  • when the temperature falls below 15 degrees centigrade, piranha fish die and float to the surface
  • Events in the fish tank are time based;
  • every interval: the user may change the state of the fish tank (adding items, changing the temperature etc.)
  • inhabitants that eat do
  • inhabitants may be eaten or otherwise die

Requirements Create a brief design document showing how you would construct your application. Your solution should demonstrate good engineering practices and understanding, and in interview we expect you to explain the rationale behind your design. The design document you present should be descriptive but also contain class diagrams. Using Test-Driven Development, code at least five of the classes. A fully working application is not required,but you are required to demonstrate some interaction with your application which demonstrates events happening and the state of the fish tank changing. As mentioned above, the user interface is not important; use of the console for simple input and output is perfectly sufficient.There is no need to spend more than a couple of hours on this assessment; you are not required to complete the full application. However, code that you submit should be in a state where it can be run and the output examined.