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vietnamsese_ids: update description

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1 parent 3098de9 commit 11a33110e9549d43f27d8384ffd061864474f76e @icy icy committed Feb 10, 2013
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  1. +8 −3 lib/kramdown/options.rb
11 lib/kramdown/options.rb
@@ -177,12 +177,17 @@ def self.simple_array_validator(val, name, size)
define(:vietnamese_ids, Boolean, true, <<EOF)
-Support Vietnamsese convertor ID generation
+Support Vietnamsese when generating header ID
If this option is `true` (and when `auto_ids` is true) ID values in
Vietnamese will be converted to a readable form (non-accent version
-of the origin text). This option should be used only if `auto_ids`
-is true.
+of the origin text).
+This option should be used only if `auto_ids` is true.
+Example: "Đây-là-ví-dụ" will generate new ID `day-la-vi-du` which is very
+readable by Vietnamese. When this option is `false`, its ID should be
+`y-l-v-d` which is unreadable (non-sense ID).
Default: true
Used by: HTML/Latex convertor

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