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Swagger is a low-level library which generates a document compatible with Swagger / OpenAPI Spec 3.0.3, and wrapped many friendly APIs let developer understand and use it easier.


    github: icyleaf/swagger

Quick look

require "swagger"

builder =
  title: "App API",
  version: "1.0.0",
  description: "This is a sample api for users",
  terms_url: "",
  contact:"icyleaf", "", ""),
  license:"MIT", ""),
  authorizations: [
    Swagger::Authorization.jwt(description: "Use JWT Auth"),

builder.add("Users", "User resources", ["get", "/users", description: "All users", responses: ["200", "Success response")
  ]),"get", "/users/{id}", description: "Get user by id", parameters: ["id", "path")
  ], responses: ["200", "Success response"),"404", "Not found user")
  ], authorization: true),"post", "/users", description: "Create User", responses: ["201", "Return user resource after created"),"401", "Unauthorizated")
  ], authorization: false)

document = builder.built
puts document.to_json


Structure in src directory:

├──                        # Friendly APIs
├── http                          # HTTP assets and libraries
└── objects                       # OpenAPI objects

Running on web

Swagger provids a built-in web server, if you have no idea how to preview it:

require "swagger"
require "swagger/http/server"

# made your document (See `builder` code example above)
document = builder.built

# Run web server


Swagger has two HTTP handlers which you can integrate it to bult-in HTTP Server and mostly frameworks (like kemal, amber, lucky etc):

  • Swagger::HTTP::APIHandler
  • Swagger::HTTP::WebHandler


See more examples.


  • openapi
  • Info Object
  • Paths Object
    • PathItem Object
      • Parameter Object
      • RequestBody Object
      • Responses Object
      • Security Object
      • Tag Object
  • Tags Object
  • Servers Objec
    • ServerVariables Object
  • Security Object
  • Components Object
    • Schemas Object
    • SecuritySchemes Object
      • Basic
      • Bearer (include JWT)
      • APIKey
      • OAuth2
  • ExternalDocs Object

How to Contribute

Your contributions are always welcome! Please submit a pull request or create an issue to add a new question, bug or feature to the list.

Here is a throughput graph of the repository for the last few weeks:

All Contributors are on the wall.

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MIT License © icyleaf