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// Emacs style mode select -*- C++ -*-
// $Id:$
// Copyright (C) 1993-1996 by id Software, Inc.
// This source is available for distribution and/or modification
// only under the terms of the DOOM Source Code License as
// published by id Software. All rights reserved.
// The source is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// for more details.
// all external data is defined here
// most of the data is loaded into different structures at run time
// some internal structures shared by many modules are here
#ifndef __DOOMDATA__
#define __DOOMDATA__
// The most basic types we use, portability.
#include "doomtype.h"
// Some global defines, that configure the game.
#include "doomdef.h"
// Map level types.
// The following data structures define the persistent format
// used in the lumps of the WAD files.
// Lump order in a map WAD: each map needs a couple of lumps
// to provide a complete scene geometry description.
ML_LABEL, // A separator, name, ExMx or MAPxx
ML_THINGS, // Monsters, items..
ML_LINEDEFS, // LineDefs, from editing
ML_SIDEDEFS, // SideDefs, from editing
ML_VERTEXES, // Vertices, edited and BSP splits generated
ML_SEGS, // LineSegs, from LineDefs split by BSP
ML_SSECTORS, // SubSectors, list of LineSegs
ML_NODES, // BSP nodes
ML_SECTORS, // Sectors, from editing
ML_REJECT, // LUT, sector-sector visibility
ML_BLOCKMAP // LUT, motion clipping, walls/grid element
// A single Vertex.
typedef struct
short x;
short y;
} mapvertex_t;
// A SideDef, defining the visual appearance of a wall,
// by setting textures and offsets.
typedef struct
short textureoffset;
short rowoffset;
char toptexture[8];
char bottomtexture[8];
char midtexture[8];
// Front sector, towards viewer.
short sector;
} mapsidedef_t;
// A LineDef, as used for editing, and as input
// to the BSP builder.
typedef struct
short v1;
short v2;
short flags;
short special;
short tag;
// sidenum[1] will be -1 if one sided
short sidenum[2];
} maplinedef_t;
// LineDef attributes.
// Solid, is an obstacle.
#define ML_BLOCKING 1
// Blocks monsters only.
// Backside will not be present at all
// if not two sided.
#define ML_TWOSIDED 4
// If a texture is pegged, the texture will have
// the end exposed to air held constant at the
// top or bottom of the texture (stairs or pulled
// down things) and will move with a height change
// of one of the neighbor sectors.
// Unpegged textures allways have the first row of
// the texture at the top pixel of the line for both
// top and bottom textures (use next to windows).
// upper texture unpegged
// lower texture unpegged
// In AutoMap: don't map as two sided: IT'S A SECRET!
#define ML_SECRET 32
// Sound rendering: don't let sound cross two of these.
#define ML_SOUNDBLOCK 64
// Don't draw on the automap at all.
#define ML_DONTDRAW 128
// Set if already seen, thus drawn in automap.
#define ML_MAPPED 256
// Sector definition, from editing.
typedef struct
short floorheight;
short ceilingheight;
char floorpic[8];
char ceilingpic[8];
short lightlevel;
short special;
short tag;
} mapsector_t;
// SubSector, as generated by BSP.
typedef struct
short numsegs;
// Index of first one, segs are stored sequentially.
short firstseg;
} mapsubsector_t;
// LineSeg, generated by splitting LineDefs
// using partition lines selected by BSP builder.
typedef struct
short v1;
short v2;
short angle;
short linedef;
short side;
short offset;
} mapseg_t;
// BSP node structure.
// Indicate a leaf.
#define NF_SUBSECTOR 0x8000
typedef struct
// Partition line from (x,y) to x+dx,y+dy)
short x;
short y;
short dx;
short dy;
// Bounding box for each child,
// clip against view frustum.
short bbox[2][4];
// If NF_SUBSECTOR its a subsector,
// else it's a node of another subtree.
unsigned short children[2];
} mapnode_t;
// Thing definition, position, orientation and type,
// plus skill/visibility flags and attributes.
typedef struct
short x;
short y;
short angle;
short type;
short options;
} mapthing_t;
#endif // __DOOMDATA__
// $Log:$
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