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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory GPL Source Code
Copyright (C) 1999-2010 id Software LLC, a ZeniMax Media company.
This file is part of the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory GPL Source Code (“Wolf ET Source Code”).
Wolf ET Source Code is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
Wolf ET Source Code is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with Wolf ET Source Code. If not, see <>.
In addition, the Wolf: ET Source Code is also subject to certain additional terms. You should have received a copy of these additional terms immediately following the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License which accompanied the Wolf ET Source Code. If not, please request a copy in writing from id Software at the address below.
If you have questions concerning this license or the applicable additional terms, you may contact in writing id Software LLC, c/o ZeniMax Media Inc., Suite 120, Rockville, Maryland 20850 USA.
// client.h -- primary header for client
#include "../game/q_shared.h"
#include "../qcommon/qcommon.h"
#include "../renderer/tr_public.h"
#include "../ui/ui_public.h"
#include "keys.h"
#include "snd_public.h"
#include "../cgame/cg_public.h"
#include "../game/bg_public.h"
#define RETRANSMIT_TIMEOUT 3000 // time between connection packet retransmits
#define LIMBOCHAT_WIDTH 140 // NERVE - SMF - NOTE TTimo buffer size indicator, not related to screen bbox
// snapshots are a view of the server at a given time
typedef struct {
qboolean valid; // cleared if delta parsing was invalid
int snapFlags; // rate delayed and dropped commands
int serverTime; // server time the message is valid for (in msec)
int messageNum; // copied from netchan->incoming_sequence
int deltaNum; // messageNum the delta is from
int ping; // time from when cmdNum-1 was sent to time packet was reeceived
byte areamask[MAX_MAP_AREA_BYTES]; // portalarea visibility bits
int cmdNum; // the next cmdNum the server is expecting
playerState_t ps; // complete information about the current player at this time
int numEntities; // all of the entities that need to be presented
int parseEntitiesNum; // at the time of this snapshot
int serverCommandNum; // execute all commands up to this before
// making the snapshot current
} clSnapshot_t;
// Arnout: for double tapping
typedef struct {
int pressedTime[DT_NUM];
int releasedTime[DT_NUM];
int lastdoubleTap;
} doubleTap_t;
the clientActive_t structure is wiped completely at every
new gamestate_t, potentially several times during an established connection
typedef struct {
int p_cmdNumber; // cl.cmdNumber when packet was sent
int p_serverTime; // usercmd->serverTime when packet was sent
int p_realtime; // cls.realtime when packet was sent
} outPacket_t;
// the parseEntities array must be large enough to hold PACKET_BACKUP frames of
// entities, so that when a delta compressed message arives from the server
// it can be un-deltad from the original
extern int g_console_field_width;
typedef struct {
int timeoutcount; // it requres several frames in a timeout condition
// to disconnect, preventing debugging breaks from
// causing immediate disconnects on continue
clSnapshot_t snap; // latest received from server
int serverTime; // may be paused during play
int oldServerTime; // to prevent time from flowing bakcwards
int oldFrameServerTime; // to check tournament restarts
int serverTimeDelta; // cl.serverTime = cls.realtime + cl.serverTimeDelta
// this value changes as net lag varies
qboolean extrapolatedSnapshot; // set if any cgame frame has been forced to extrapolate
// cleared when CL_AdjustTimeDelta looks at it
qboolean newSnapshots; // set on parse of any valid packet
gameState_t gameState; // configstrings
char mapname[MAX_QPATH]; // extracted from CS_SERVERINFO
int parseEntitiesNum; // index (not anded off) into cl_parse_entities[]
int mouseDx[2], mouseDy[2]; // added to by mouse events
int mouseIndex;
int joystickAxis[MAX_JOYSTICK_AXIS]; // set by joystick events
// cgame communicates a few values to the client system
int cgameUserCmdValue; // current weapon to add to usercmd_t
int cgameFlags; // flags that can be set by the gamecode
float cgameSensitivity;
int cgameMpIdentClient; // NERVE - SMF
vec3_t cgameClientLerpOrigin; // DHM - Nerve
// cmds[cmdNumber] is the predicted command, [cmdNumber-1] is the last
// properly generated command
usercmd_t cmds[CMD_BACKUP]; // each mesage will send several old cmds
int cmdNumber; // incremented each frame, because multiple
// frames may need to be packed into a single packet
// Arnout: double tapping
doubleTap_t doubleTap;
outPacket_t outPackets[PACKET_BACKUP]; // information about each packet we have sent out
// the client maintains its own idea of view angles, which are
// sent to the server each frame. It is cleared to 0 upon entering each level.
// the server sends a delta each frame which is added to the locally
// tracked view angles to account for standing on rotating objects,
// and teleport direction changes
vec3_t viewangles;
int serverId; // included in each client message so the server
// can tell if it is for a prior map_restart
// big stuff at end of structure so most offsets are 15 bits or less
clSnapshot_t snapshots[PACKET_BACKUP];
entityState_t entityBaselines[MAX_GENTITIES]; // for delta compression when not in previous frame
entityState_t parseEntities[MAX_PARSE_ENTITIES];
// NOTE TTimo - UI uses LIMBOCHAT_WIDTH strings (140),
// but for the processing in CL_AddToLimboChat we need some safe room
char limboChatMsgs[LIMBOCHAT_HEIGHT][LIMBOCHAT_WIDTH * 3 + 1];
int limboChatPos;
qboolean corruptedTranslationFile;
char translationVersion[MAX_STRING_TOKENS];
qboolean cameraMode;
} clientActive_t;
extern clientActive_t cl;
the clientConnection_t structure is wiped when disconnecting from a server,
either to go to a full screen console, play a demo, or connect to a different server
A connection can be to either a server through the network layer or a
demo through a file.
typedef struct {
int clientNum;
int lastPacketSentTime; // for retransmits during connection
int lastPacketTime; // for timeouts
netadr_t serverAddress;
int connectTime; // for connection retransmits
int connectPacketCount; // for display on connection dialog
char serverMessage[MAX_STRING_TOKENS]; // for display on connection dialog
int challenge; // from the server to use for connecting
int checksumFeed; // from the server for checksum calculations
int onlyVisibleClients; // DHM - Nerve
// these are our reliable messages that go to the server
int reliableSequence;
int reliableAcknowledge; // the last one the server has executed
// TTimo - NOTE: incidentally, reliableCommands[0] is never used (always start at reliableAcknowledge+1)
// unreliable binary data to send to server
int binaryMessageLength;
char binaryMessage[MAX_BINARY_MESSAGE];
qboolean binaryMessageOverflowed;
// server message (unreliable) and command (reliable) sequence
// numbers are NOT cleared at level changes, but continue to
// increase as long as the connection is valid
// message sequence is used by both the network layer and the
// delta compression layer
int serverMessageSequence;
// reliable messages received from server
int serverCommandSequence;
int lastExecutedServerCommand; // last server command grabbed or executed with CL_GetServerCommand
// file transfer from server
fileHandle_t download;
int downloadNumber;
int downloadBlock; // block we are waiting for
int downloadCount; // how many bytes we got
int downloadSize; // how many bytes we got
int downloadFlags; // misc download behaviour flags sent by the server
char downloadList[MAX_INFO_STRING]; // list of paks we need to download
// www downloading
qboolean bWWWDl; // we have a www download going
qboolean bWWWDlAborting; // disable the CL_WWWDownload until server gets us a gamestate (used for aborts)
char redirectedList[MAX_INFO_STRING]; // list of files that we downloaded through a redirect since last FS_ComparePaks
char badChecksumList[MAX_INFO_STRING]; // list of files for which wwwdl redirect is broken (wrong checksum)
// demo information
char demoName[MAX_QPATH];
qboolean demorecording;
qboolean demoplaying;
qboolean demowaiting; // don't record until a non-delta message is received
qboolean firstDemoFrameSkipped;
fileHandle_t demofile;
qboolean waverecording;
fileHandle_t wavefile;
int wavetime;
int timeDemoFrames; // counter of rendered frames
int timeDemoStart; // cls.realtime before first frame
int timeDemoBaseTime; // each frame will be at this time + frameNum * 50
// big stuff at end of structure so most offsets are 15 bits or less
netchan_t netchan;
} clientConnection_t;
extern clientConnection_t clc;
the clientStatic_t structure is never wiped, and is used even when
no client connection is active at all
typedef struct {
netadr_t adr;
int start;
int time;
char info[MAX_INFO_STRING];
} ping_t;
typedef struct {
netadr_t adr;
char hostName[MAX_NAME_LENGTH];
int load;
char mapName[MAX_NAME_LENGTH];
char game[MAX_NAME_LENGTH];
int netType;
int gameType;
int clients;
int maxClients;
int minPing;
int maxPing;
int ping;
qboolean visible;
int allowAnonymous;
int friendlyFire; // NERVE - SMF
int maxlives; // NERVE - SMF
int needpass;
int punkbuster; // DHM - Nerve
int antilag; // TTimo
int weaprestrict;
int balancedteams;
char gameName[MAX_NAME_LENGTH]; // Arnout
} serverInfo_t;
typedef struct {
byte ip[4];
unsigned short port;
} serverAddress_t;
typedef struct {
connstate_t state; // connection status
int keyCatchers; // bit flags
qboolean cddialog; // bring up the cd needed dialog next frame
qboolean doCachePurge; // Arnout: empty the renderer cache as soon as possible
char servername[MAX_OSPATH]; // name of server from original connect (used by reconnect)
// when the server clears the hunk, all of these must be restarted
qboolean rendererStarted;
qboolean soundStarted;
qboolean soundRegistered;
qboolean uiStarted;
qboolean cgameStarted;
int framecount;
int frametime; // msec since last frame
int realtime; // ignores pause
int realFrametime; // ignoring pause, so console always works
int numlocalservers;
serverInfo_t localServers[MAX_OTHER_SERVERS];
int numglobalservers;
serverInfo_t globalServers[MAX_GLOBAL_SERVERS];
// additional global servers
int numGlobalServerAddresses;
serverAddress_t globalServerAddresses[MAX_GLOBAL_SERVERS];
int numfavoriteservers;
serverInfo_t favoriteServers[MAX_OTHER_SERVERS];
int pingUpdateSource; // source currently pinging or updating
int masterNum;
// update server info
netadr_t updateServer;
char updateChallenge[MAX_TOKEN_CHARS];
char updateInfoString[MAX_INFO_STRING];
netadr_t authorizeServer;
// DHM - Nerve :: Auto-update Info
char autoupdateServerNames[MAX_AUTOUPDATE_SERVERS][MAX_QPATH];
netadr_t autoupdateServer;
qboolean autoUpdateServerChecked[MAX_AUTOUPDATE_SERVERS];
int autoupdatServerFirstIndex; // to know when we went through all of them
int autoupdatServerIndex; // to cycle through them
// rendering info
glconfig_t glconfig;
qhandle_t charSetShader;
qhandle_t whiteShader;
qhandle_t consoleShader;
qhandle_t consoleShader2; // NERVE - SMF - merged from WolfSP
// www downloading
// in the static stuff since this may have to survive server disconnects
// if new stuff gets added, CL_ClearStaticDownload code needs to be updated for clear up
qboolean bWWWDlDisconnected; // keep going with the download after server disconnect
char downloadName[MAX_OSPATH];
char downloadTempName[MAX_OSPATH]; // in wwwdl mode, this is OS path (it's a qpath otherwise)
char originalDownloadName[MAX_QPATH]; // if we get a redirect, keep a copy of the original file path
qboolean downloadRestart; // if true, we need to do another FS_Restart because we downloaded a pak
} clientStatic_t;
extern clientStatic_t cls;
extern vm_t *cgvm; // interface to cgame dll or vm
extern vm_t *uivm; // interface to ui dll or vm
extern refexport_t re; // interface to refresh .dll
// cvars
extern cvar_t *cl_nodelta;
extern cvar_t *cl_debugMove;
extern cvar_t *cl_noprint;
extern cvar_t *cl_timegraph;
extern cvar_t *cl_maxpackets;
extern cvar_t *cl_packetdup;
extern cvar_t *cl_shownet;
extern cvar_t *cl_shownuments; // DHM - Nerve
extern cvar_t *cl_visibleClients; // DHM - Nerve
extern cvar_t *cl_showSend;
extern cvar_t *cl_showServerCommands; // NERVE - SMF
extern cvar_t *cl_timeNudge;
extern cvar_t *cl_showTimeDelta;
extern cvar_t *cl_freezeDemo;
extern cvar_t *cl_yawspeed;
extern cvar_t *cl_pitchspeed;
extern cvar_t *cl_run;
extern cvar_t *cl_anglespeedkey;
extern cvar_t *cl_recoilPitch; // RF
extern cvar_t *cl_bypassMouseInput; // NERVE - SMF
extern cvar_t *cl_doubletapdelay;
extern cvar_t *cl_sensitivity;
extern cvar_t *cl_freelook;
extern cvar_t *cl_mouseAccel;
extern cvar_t *cl_showMouseRate;
extern cvar_t *m_pitch;
extern cvar_t *m_yaw;
extern cvar_t *m_forward;
extern cvar_t *m_side;
extern cvar_t *m_filter;
extern cvar_t *cl_timedemo;
extern cvar_t *cl_activeAction;
extern cvar_t *cl_autorecord;
extern cvar_t *cl_allowDownload;
extern cvar_t *cl_conXOffset;
extern cvar_t *cl_inGameVideo;
extern cvar_t *cl_missionStats;
extern cvar_t *cl_waitForFire;
// NERVE - SMF - localization
extern cvar_t *cl_language;
extern cvar_t *cl_profile;
extern cvar_t *cl_defaultProfile;
extern qboolean sv_cheats;
// cl_main
void CL_Init( void );
void CL_FlushMemory( void );
void CL_ShutdownAll( void );
void CL_AddReliableCommand( const char *cmd );
void CL_StartHunkUsers( void );
void CL_CheckAutoUpdate( void );
qboolean CL_NextUpdateServer( void );
void CL_GetAutoUpdate( void );
void CL_Disconnect_f( void );
void CL_GetChallengePacket( void );
void CL_Vid_Restart_f( void );
void CL_Snd_Restart_f( void );
void CL_NextDemo( void );
void CL_ReadDemoMessage( void );
void CL_InitDownloads( void );
void CL_NextDownload( void );
void CL_GetPing( int n, char *buf, int buflen, int *pingtime );
void CL_GetPingInfo( int n, char *buf, int buflen );
void CL_ClearPing( int n );
int CL_GetPingQueueCount( void );
void CL_ShutdownRef( void );
void CL_InitRef( void );
qboolean CL_CDKeyValidate( const char *key, const char *checksum );
int CL_ServerStatus( char *serverAddress, char *serverStatusString, int maxLen );
void CL_AddToLimboChat( const char *str ); // NERVE - SMF
qboolean CL_GetLimboString( int index, char *buf ); // NERVE - SMF
// NERVE - SMF - localization
void CL_InitTranslation();
void CL_SaveTransTable();
void CL_ReloadTranslation();
void CL_TranslateString( const char *string, char *dest_buffer );
const char* CL_TranslateStringBuf( const char *string ); // TTimo
void CL_OpenURL( const char *url ); // TTimo
void CL_Record( const char* name );
// cl_input
typedef struct {
int down[2]; // key nums holding it down
unsigned downtime; // msec timestamp
unsigned msec; // msec down this frame if both a down and up happened
qboolean active; // current state
qboolean wasPressed; // set when down, not cleared when up
} kbutton_t;
typedef enum {
} kbuttons_t;
void CL_ClearKeys( void );
void CL_InitInput( void );
void CL_SendCmd( void );
void CL_ClearState( void );
void CL_ReadPackets( void );
void CL_WritePacket( void );
//void IN_CenterView (void);
void IN_Notebook( void );
void IN_Help( void );
//----(SA) salute
void IN_Salute( void );
void CL_VerifyCode( void );
float CL_KeyState( kbutton_t *key );
char *Key_KeynumToString( int keynum, qboolean bTranslate );
// cl_parse.c
extern int cl_connectedToPureServer;
void CL_SystemInfoChanged( void );
void CL_ParseServerMessage( msg_t *msg );
void CL_UpdateInfoPacket( netadr_t from ); // DHM - Nerve
void CL_ServerInfoPacket( netadr_t from, msg_t *msg );
void CL_LocalServers_f( void );
void CL_GlobalServers_f( void );
void CL_FavoriteServers_f( void );
void CL_Ping_f( void );
qboolean CL_UpdateVisiblePings_f( int source );
// console
#define NUM_CON_TIMES 4
//#define CON_TEXTSIZE 32768
#define CON_TEXTSIZE 65536 // (SA) DM want's more console...
typedef struct {
qboolean initialized;
short text[CON_TEXTSIZE];
int current; // line where next message will be printed
int x; // offset in current line for next print
int display; // bottom of console displays this line
int linewidth; // characters across screen
int totallines; // total lines in console scrollback
float xadjust; // for wide aspect screens
float displayFrac; // aproaches finalFrac at scr_conspeed
float finalFrac; // 0.0 to 1.0 lines of console to display
float desiredFrac; // ydnar: for variable console heights
int vislines; // in scanlines
int times[NUM_CON_TIMES]; // cls.realtime time the line was generated
// for transparent notify lines
vec4_t color;
int acLength; // Arnout: autocomplete buffer length
} console_t;
extern console_t con;
void Con_DrawCharacter( int cx, int line, int num );
void Con_CheckResize( void );
void Con_Init( void );
void Con_Clear_f( void );
void Con_ToggleConsole_f( void );
void Con_DrawNotify( void );
void Con_ClearNotify( void );
void Con_RunConsole( void );
void Con_DrawConsole( void );
void Con_PageUp( void );
void Con_PageDown( void );
void Con_Top( void );
void Con_Bottom( void );
void Con_Close( void );
// cl_scrn.c
void SCR_Init( void );
void SCR_UpdateScreen( void );
void SCR_DebugGraph( float value, int color );
int SCR_GetBigStringWidth( const char *str ); // returns in virtual 640x480 coordinates
void SCR_AdjustFrom640( float *x, float *y, float *w, float *h );
void SCR_FillRect( float x, float y, float width, float height,
const float *color );
void SCR_DrawPic( float x, float y, float width, float height, qhandle_t hShader );
void SCR_DrawNamedPic( float x, float y, float width, float height, const char *picname );
void SCR_DrawBigString( int x, int y, const char *s, float alpha ); // draws a string with embedded color control characters with fade
void SCR_DrawBigStringColor( int x, int y, const char *s, vec4_t color ); // ignores embedded color control characters
void SCR_DrawSmallStringExt( int x, int y, const char *string, float *setColor, qboolean forceColor );
void SCR_DrawSmallChar( int x, int y, int ch );
// cl_cin.c
void CL_PlayCinematic_f( void );
void SCR_DrawCinematic( void );
void SCR_RunCinematic( void );
void SCR_StopCinematic( void );
int CIN_PlayCinematic( const char *arg0, int xpos, int ypos, int width, int height, int bits );
e_status CIN_StopCinematic( int handle );
e_status CIN_RunCinematic( int handle );
void CIN_DrawCinematic( int handle );
void CIN_SetExtents( int handle, int x, int y, int w, int h );
void CIN_SetLooping( int handle, qboolean loop );
void CIN_UploadCinematic( int handle );
void CIN_CloseAllVideos( void );
// cl_cgame.c
void CL_InitCGame( void );
void CL_ShutdownCGame( void );
qboolean CL_GameCommand( void );
void CL_CGameRendering( stereoFrame_t stereo );
void CL_SetCGameTime( void );
void CL_FirstSnapshot( void );
void CL_ShaderStateChanged( void );
void CL_UpdateLevelHunkUsage( void );
void CL_CGameBinaryMessageReceived( const char *buf, int buflen, int serverTime );
// cl_ui.c
void CL_InitUI( void );
void CL_ShutdownUI( void );
int Key_GetCatcher( void );
void Key_SetCatcher( int catcher );
void LAN_LoadCachedServers();
void LAN_SaveServersToCache();
// cl_net_chan.c
void CL_Netchan_Transmit( netchan_t *chan, msg_t* msg ); //int length, const byte *data );
void CL_Netchan_TransmitNextFragment( netchan_t *chan );
qboolean CL_Netchan_Process( netchan_t *chan, msg_t *msg );
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