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Changelog for QA
ET 2.60 Changes
New features:
Minor optimizations in server and client engine for lower cpu usage.
Client can record game audio to a wav file.
wav_record starts recording
wav_stoprecord stops recording
cl_wavefilerecord 1 will start recording from the moment a demo is loaded.
"Unable to load an official pak file" now reports the pak filenames in the console.
win32 and linux sound cvars are now unified:
s_khz, s_bits, s_numchannels
s_khz is now a CVAR_LATCH.
Players can override unsafe cvars (from eg a crash) with com_ignorecrash 1
Server can give alternate messages to "server is full" by changing the cvar sv_fullmsg
Server can redirect clients to other servers when full, eg sv_fullmsg "ET://"
Server will switch to GT_WOLF if "map" can't start a campaign.
/demo can now specify .dm_83 extension explicitly, and will try dm_83 and dm_84 if extension isnt specified.
Abbreviated snapshots are now sent when clients aren't fully connected. Saves bandwidth on map rotations.
Client may move the demo recording statusline with cg_recording_statusline. 0 hides it completely.
/buyNow, /singlePlayLink commands removed.
'MODS' menu added.
Anisotropic texture filtering is now supported in renderer.
Enable with r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic 1 and use r_textureAnisotropy to set the filtering level.
cg_draw2D is no longer cheat protected.
Wounded freelook is now enabled (ala rtcw). It is also completely moved clientside so there is no lag.
Vote string is now printed to console when vote is called.
win32 specific:
Client can clear the windows console with /clearviewlog
s_khz 44 now works.
linux specific:
Client can disable builtin mouse acceleration with in_dgamouse 2
r_swapInterval is now supported
Changed Linux key handling so ctrl/shift/alt/etc don't make a difference for -any- keys, to match windows better.
http download crashes should be fixed. libcurl is now used instead of libwww.
Client now sends a UserAgent of ID_DOWNLOAD/2.0 libcurl/7.12.2 on downloads.
Client now sends a Referer of ET://server.ip.address:port on downloads.
Various server engine crashes fixed.
Spectators could sometimes move-partway-through-walls on connects.
Issues with (false "com_crashed" situations) should be fixed.
Clients would often get "disconnected for unknown reason" instead of a proper disconnect message.
More than 10 maps in a campaign would crash the server.
Skulls would sometimes show in scoreboard for live players.
Disguised covops had laggy health to enemy team (eg a dead giveaway).
Campaign count was only checked once per .campaign
First person tank muzzle origin for cg_drawgun 0 was wrong.
Player could "fire" flamethrower and tank gun simultaneously with cg_drawgun 0.
Players were thrown to soldier class upon attaining level 4 lw/hw skill.
Movers now predict a continuation rather than a stop (eg fixes jittery tug on railgun).
Referee menu expanded colors twice.
Foreign keyboards would input garbage chars after opening console.
Wounded covops could steal uniforms if they were close enough.
Level 4 covops knife damage on wounded players was wrong.
Translations would break if cl_language was -1 or 0.
Powerups were laggy (eg objective powerup would take a few seconds to show on hud)
Silent landmines bug fixed (eg landmines sometimes exploded without hearing the trigger at all)
Engine lowercased all binds, eg bind a "say You suck!" and then press a, it would say 'you suck!' in lowercase. Fixed.
Revives snapped your view around.
Players_Axis/Players_Allies could get too large and crash server (replaced with P=)
Players would "stick" to each other in collisions.
Dynamite on movers should no longer trigger objectives.
"configstring > max_configstrings" connect bug fixed.
Binocs are no longer allowed while using mounted mobile MG42 or mortar.
Satchel detonator didn't work right when spectating.
The annoying prediction error that occurs when a constructible is finished building is fixed.
Level 3 engineering used wrong charge for landmines.
Field ops incorrectly used medic charge time for ammo packs.
Prediction error when cratering is fixed.
Jump prediction was wrong quite often due to broken anti-bunnyhop. Fixed.
Doubled events fixed (eg double/triple mis-firing while jumping or being hit).
Pistol prediction fixed (client could "fire" the pistol faster than it's supposed to).
Tracemap generation broke when there's a flat plane at lowest point in a map.
Players were randomly thrown to spectator upon attaining level 4 skills.
Antilag was busted (it was dependent on client fps, and headshots weren't delagged).
Timestamps in logs were fixed width and got truncated.
Renderer could crash with too many stretchpics (eg topshots and weaponstats at the same time, if they were full).
Falling bugfix - players would mysteriously sink into the ground and crater when bouncing off specific map geometry.
Battery bunker now autoselects spawnpoint when captured.
Engine improperly interpreted certain IP addresses as lan addresses when they were not.
Fixed sign extension bug in console code that caused high ascii characters in the console to be displayed in the wrong color.
Artillery markers were not properly drawn on compass. Fixed.
If hostname is exactly 21 chars long with a period in position 9, it was treated as IPX. Fixed.
Overflow when more than MAX_GLOBAL_SERVERS are returned from the master.
Luger had greater spread than colt, and paused on last shot.
Akimbo rapid fire exploit fixed (player could fire akimbos as fast as an mg42).
Zoom exploit fixed (
Security hole allowing clients to override ip.
Spectator/limbo cameras would slowly 'drift' and never reach 0 velocity.
Download redirection notices would print repeatedly in server console.
LMS sometimes didnt show who drew first blood.
LMS sometimes didnt show how many wins each team has.
Players who connect after a vote is called got stuck with a vote on their screen through the whole round
In Fuel Dump you could plant dynamite and it says "base fortification", but destroys Fuel Dump.
pmove and game disagreed about weapon charge usage.
Weird radar dynamite bug (both sides could plant dynamite near the truck for no apparent reason, and get XP for defusing it).
When all of your team's mines are in use, you couldnt disarm enemy landmines.
Team landmine count was wrong (you could plant 11 by triggering 10th and planting 11th) and borked defusing team landmines)
Dynamite mis-announcements (announcement planting dynamite near goldrush tank barrier 2, but it doesnt get destroyed).
Players could block dynamite from destroying constructible objectives.
Client would lose prone state after packet loss.
Winning team was cheated of a win when they eliminated opposition <3 sec before round end, and then died themselves.
LMS didn't always end when a team is eliminated.
Switching weapon during pause shouldn't be possible.
Akimbo weapons and deployed mobile MG42 ignored cg_autoreload.
Maxlives adjuster misbehaved on timelimit 0.
"Killed by <name>" in endround scoreboard (from quake3) removed.
Unused cg_specswing cvar removed.
Crosshair names randomly didnt work (tunnels in oasis, crypt in resurrection).
g_{axies,allies}mapxp overflowed on long campaigns and crashed the server.
Static mg42s didn't hurt props (eg the mg42 outside allied spawn couldnt damage the wooden fence).
Bogus 'complaint dismissed' message when player disconnects.
Clients could /userinfo and nuke their userinfo from console (among other things).
Fixed mg42s werent antilagged.
Riflegrenade-through-teamdoor exploit fixed.
Intermission ready was broken (match_readypercent now applies to intermissions).
Intermission ready should not wait on spectators.
Large cg_errordecay values exploit fixed.
Covops landmine spotting was broken.
Knife wasn't antilagged.
Prevent shooting ourselves in the head when prone, firing through a breakable (eg a window).
Medic viewlocking would sometimes snap to non-medics.
Oversize servercommands would crash client.
Engine ate "//" in server commandlines.
Garand/K43 ammo exploit fixed.
Free ammo via spectators exploit fixed.
Limbo'd players could crash servers via following carriers and disconnecting.
Fixed the distancefalloff bug (damage would drop, then suddenly increase with distance).
"setu ch" would crash server.
If CS_SYSTEMINFO exceeded 1024 it got truncated on map changes.
Fixed the prone -> invisible player ( prone into wall ) bug.
Some minor fixes to Linux keyhandling:
Capslock, kp_numlock, and kp_equals are all usable in Linux now
F13-F15 will work if the user's keyboard/X mapping sends them
Ctrl-` for the mini-console works.
The disguised name and normal name are no longer both shown when moving the crosshair over a disguised covert ops while spectating.
It should be possible to kick/mute/referee/etc. players with >32-character names.
Weapon heat no longer sometimes flashes back down to 0 when maxed out.
Missing obituaries added for the following means of death:
telefrag*, laser*, lava*, pineapple grenade (suicide), flamethrower
(suicide), rifle grenade (suicide), landmine (suicide), satchel
charge (suicide), construction (suicide), mortar (suicide),
airstrike tag (suicide), airstrike tag (normal death.)
Items with a * aren't reproducable in stock maps.
Team kills with akimbo weapons should now cause an appropriate loss of skill points.
mounted machineguns fired too low
player hitbox in tank was broken
Framerate dependency of machineguns completely fixed.
removed debug "Closed!" announcement from railgun map script.
Fixed bug where movers (railgun tug and switch, tanks) would silently trigger enemy landmines
Changes relevant for modders:
The entire source tree is now -Wall -pedantic -std=c99 clean, removing all the noise from the silly
warnings so that useful warnings are actually noticed. No functional changes, except that HINT_CHAIR
doesn't work at all now (where it worked, but unreliably, before.)
All printf-style varargs functions are now protected with GCC's __attribute__ extension, which should
help catch printf parameter errors.
Added a 4th parameter to CG_INIT - qboolean demoPlayback - since some mods need this at init time,
and drawactiveframe is too late for them.
MAX_CVARS increased to 2048 from 1024, as ET is relatively close to the 1024 limit with both client
and server cvars. Enlarged FILE_HASH_SIZE to compensate for the enlarged cvar table size.
kick/ban code is now moved entirely into qagame, mods can choose to use the engine banning system or
the qagame one. #define USE_ENGINE_BANLIST qtrue, changing to qfalse makes use of the qagame ban system
Demo recording status has been moved entirely to cgame. See CG_DrawDemoRecording().
When PERS_HWEAPON_USE was set, the engine blocked the update of usercmd_t.
This has been fixed and the relevant code changed in pmove_fixed.c
FUI can now render models
cgame can synchronize rendering with trap_R_Finish if needed.
CG_SHUTDOWN is now called on /quit
Significantly enlarged MAX_CMD_BUFFER (16k->128k)
Added better debug info for Info_*() infostring functions
The master server now supports filters for fs_game and gametype.
E.g. to request a list of protocol 84 servers with fs_game "etpro" and g_gametype 5,
ui_main would execute the following command:
globalservers 0 84 \game\etpro\gametype\5
Rendering to textures:
cgame may now render directly to a texture on the fly.
Use trap_R_GetTextureId() to retrieve a handle to an existing texture (tga/jpg).
Use trap_R_RenderToTexture( textureid, x, y, w, h ) to render into the texture.
Screen coordinates 0,0 for trap_R_RenderToTexture are at the lower left of the screen.
You can get a list of textures the engine has loaded with /imagelist
Example code can be found in cg_limbopanel.c at the bottom of CG_DrawPlayerHead().
Dynamic shaders:
cgame may build shader scripts on the fly, via code.
Use trap_R_LoadDynamicShader( shadername, shadertext ) to load a new shader into memory.
The loaded shader can then be referenced with trap_R_RegisterShader() and used as if it
were a normal shader. Combined with trap_R_RemapShader(), cgame can replace any shader.
trap_R_LoadDynamicShader( "shadername", NULL ) unloads the dynamic shader "shadername".
trap_R_LoadDynamicShader( NULL, NULL ) unloads all dynamic shaders.
Example code can be found in cg_main.c, look for #ifdef TEST_API_DYNAMICSHADER
Raw binary channel for client<->server:
cgame and qagame may now communicate using a raw binary stream.
These messages are unreliable (like udp), and are sent only once per server frame.
qagame and cgame are responsible for managing retransmissions.
Sending a message overwrites the outgoing message buffer.
Once the message has been sent (unreliably), the message buffer is cleared.
The message is sent with trap_SendMessage, and its status can be read
with trap_MessageStatus. When the cgame and/or qagame recieve a
message, they get a *_MESSAGERECEIVED event to vmMain, which has a
timestamp and the message that was sent during that snapshot.
void trap_SendMessage( /* server: int clientNum */, char *buf, int buflen );
clientNum: the client to send the message to (server only)
buf: the message to send
buflen: length of the message to send
messageStatus_t trap_MessageStatus( /* server: int clientNum */ );
clientNum: the client whose buffer we want to check (server only)
returns MESSAGE_EMPTY on empty buffer
returns MESSAGE_WAITING when not yet sent (can be caused by rate limit)
returns MESSAGE_WAITING_OVERFLOW when the message would make
the packet too large to send
/* qagame */
int vmMain( int command, int arg0, int arg1, int arg2, int arg3, int arg4, int arg5, int arg6 );
(int)clientNum = arg0: clientNum message was recieved from
(char*)buffer = arg1: pointer to the message recieved (temporary)
(int)buflen = arg2: length of message recieved
(int)commandTime = arg3: timestamp of message (from client)
/* cgame */
int vmMain( int command, int arg0, int arg1, int arg2, int arg3, int arg4, int arg5, int arg6 );
(char*)buffer = arg0: pointer to the message recieved (temporary)
(int)buflen = arg1: length of message recieved
(int)commandTime = arg2: timestamp of message (from server)
Fixed the Com_BitSet() with ridiculous bit number in the anim condition code.
buddyClients was not used, ignoreClients was too small and didn't use COM_Bit* functions.
Fixed incorrect class determination in CG_PlayerClassForClientinfo().
CG_AddPMItem failed on multi-line messages.
Lag and packet loss simulation:
Client and server may simulate packet loss and increased latency with new cvars.
These will only function when sv_cheats is 1.
Server uses the cvars sv_packetloss and sv_packetdelay.
Client uses the cvars cl_packetloss and cl_packetdelay.
For example, to make the server simululate 200ms latency and 30% packetloss:
sv_packetdelay 200
sv_packetloss 30
These cvars only affect transmitted packets, not received packets. To simulate
packetloss and latency in both directions you need to set the cvars on both
client and server.
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